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Our prompt from #ScribblePicnic this week is Potted Plant. I had been given a lovely lily plant by the people who stayed in our home over the winter. I had taken its picture. Alas, the lily is no longer with us. It bloomed beautifully – then nothing. So into the garbage it went. So sad.

I don’t have any potted plants in our home because we leave it for 6 months of the year and turn the heat way down.

Our friends also surprised us with a bouquet of tulips – what a breath of fresh spring air.


We have been experiencing a very cold wet spring. This morning there was snow on the porch. Yikes. And I dress up like Nanuk from the north when we take Snowball around the block. She doesn’t seem bothered with the cold at all. And she is used to Arizona warm weather.

potted plant


It is so lovely to be able to bring spring indoors. Do you have lots of potted plants? In Arizona we have a beautiful back patio where I have a number of potted plants (now gone into the garbage too – so sad).

On to the picture.

I decided to try to paint the Easter Lily Plant as my potted plant.

I used my artist diary today which is only medium weight (whatever that is). I used my micron pen and then my Design Watercolor pencils (and for my Canadian readers that’s the way the company spells colour). I used these colours:

I sketched out the flower. Then used the micron and the pencil crayons.

In order too help the white lily stand out I used indigo for the background.


Then I used water to make the colour flow. Final result: Potted Plant – an Easter Lily.

Now my next job is to plant all my outdoor potted plant (s). But we are waiting and waiting for this cold snap to stop. My vegetable garden and my front gardens are standing ready to be planted too.

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  1. Oh, so sad the lily had to go to the garbage. We actually have several that come up in our garden, that started as Easter lilies. When they were done blooming, my husband planted them in our garden just to see what they’d do, and happily they have been coming up each summer. Still need to get this year’s out there. We’re in northern Kansas, so do get cold winters (and this year cold Spring days too!), but don’t know how they’d fare in Ontario. Might be worth a try!

    Potted plants? Oh, yes! At least 10 different kinds in the house, plus some duplicates.

    I’m glad you chose the Easter lily for your drawing, and thanks for showing the process with the watercolor pencils. It turned out so nice!

    1. Jo,
      Thank you. I wish I had thought of that before tossing out the lily. Oh I would love to see pictures of your indoor plants. And I like seeing work in progress too.

  2. Mother Nature has been rather fickle here too in NJ. Such a jump in temperatures. Loved seeing the steps to your lily. From start to finish it’s a beauty.

    1. Lorraine,
      We still haven’t had much of a spring yet – waiting. Very cloudy and rainy and cool. And lots of bugs. Our town south of us was badly flooded. Fickle is a good word for the weather this year. One day hit 30 celsius – the next 4 Celsius – that’s crazy.

  3. Your lily is a lovely sketch.
    I agree, it is sad when our potted plants die. They are a responsibility. I try not to have them for this reason, plus my cabin is very tiny. Your porch looks beautiful.

    1. Tammie,
      Yes you do have to water them. Instead I am growing some of my herbs from seeds indoors. I did plant beets, radishes and kale in my garden and they are coming up. We are still cool here but think I can plant the rest of my garden now. Maybe the last frost is finished.

  4. Ha, I have to chuckle in good jest at that photo of you, Janis, all, yes, seriously bundled up! Brrr… And that makes total sense that you would not have plants in your home normally as such.

    Anyway, you illo came out great. I love how you put it all together with those watercolour pencils. Aren’t they great? I love using those but think I got rid of them when we went though our major decluttering last year.

    than k you so much for your kid and lovely words on my post too, as well as getting this post of yours and the art done. BTW, I have been replying to people on my blog so you can go there for that. 🙂

    1. Michael,
      Sorry this is so late. Wow 2 weeks later. Can’t wait for Scribble Picnic to begin again. And it is still cool up here – and buggy.

  5. Great job on the watercolour Easter Lily, Janis! Lovely pics…my favourite is the one of your patio in Arizona. 🙂

  6. Your pencil drawings of the Easter Lily is quite lovely indeed. When you can’t have real ones, you can draw one and hang it to enjoy. I enjoyed seeing your photo’s tool

    1. Wanda,
      Thanks – I liked the way the lily turned out. I am getting better at seeing and drawing. It doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to. I thoroughly enjoyed the real plants for the time they lasted.

    1. Sheila,
      Thank you so much. I didn’t really start any art classes until 1995 then only one week a year. Didn’t really start more seriously until 2008. I have felt inspired to paint and I am sure you could if you put your mind and heart and soul into it. As for time – the pencil crayons are fast. Less than an hour for sure. The watercolour paintings – longer depending on the layers and detail. I don’t like a lot of detail so much faster than sometime who does.
      I would love to see your daughter’s art. How old is she?

  7. Beautiful work love your pencils and enjoyed your potted plant post. I don’t have a plan for retirement but how wonderful that you can live in Arizona for 6 months although I know it gets hot there.

    1. Christine,
      In the time we go to Arizona it doesn’t get hot – from mid October to early April – like spring in Haliburton. Sometimes cool, sometimes warm but always sunny.
      I’m improving with the pencils the more I use them but loved doing the door with watercolour. Just short of time this week.

  8. I like how the colors smoothed out. the indigo turns out more blue you used water which looks like a very nice hue. good take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks Lissa,
      I love seeing how the watercolour pencil spreads like real watercolour (sort of) when wetted. If I wanted the indigo darker I would have put more pencil crayon down. I will have to try that next.

  9. I live in a desert county so when it is cold, it is dang cold. Ha! Of course, it might only be 60 F but these concrete buildings retain the cold like crazy. I’m always bundled up during the winter days. Your lily watercolor is lovely.

    1. Tammy,
      Yes we winter in Arizona and in Arizona when it drops down it can feel just as cold as here in Haliburton Ontario Canada. But AZ drops to 32 F in winter sometimes. If you bundle up at 60 F then -30 F would really get to you. lol 🙂
      Thanks for the compliments on the lily.

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