Last evening I attended a gathering about Human Trafficking. I didn’t want to go but felt I must. We saw a video produced by PBS. The only word I can come up with is riveting. I believe that prayer can make a great difference in this situation. If this situation stabs at your heart – PRAY.

In this blog I will have guest bloggers who will help us look at all aspects of prayer. Sometimes a blogger will talk about their personal experience with prayer, another one will give us ideas to help us broaden and deepen our prayer lives and others may show the power of prayer, healing prayer and blessings. This list I am sure will be expanded as God leads me and other writers.

I hope this will be a learning experience for all of us.


May God grant me wisdom to post what you need to hear. May He bless you mightily for praying for what the Holy Spirit puts upon your hearts. May we learn together to be mindful of the need to pray. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN

Writing for Him