Prayer Answers Aren’t Always Easy

by T. L. Wiens

Three months ago, we bought a horse for our two youngest. Bo came into our family with a welcome fit for a princess. We were all pleased to have such a well mannered lady join our daily routine.

Then on August 11, Bo collapsed as my daughter was leading him to his grazing area. Shock and tears followed. We laid hands on her and prayed. The minutes went by and it didn’t look good. Then Bo stood up only to fall back down. Our hearts lurched—our precious Bo was dying.

But she got back up and made her way on wobbly legs to her grazing area. We spent the rest of the day with her as well as most of the night. The next day, we took her to the vet—Bo had suffered a massive heart attack and wouldn’t be with us much longer.

One might ask, where is the answer to prayer in that? Well, the vet said she should never have gotten up after that first fall. We were given a blessed twenty hours to say goodbye, to give Bo the best we could and prepare our hearts to let her go. In short, it was a miracle.

Bo collapsed when she got back from the vet and her life ended. She was only with us a short three months but the memories will last a lifetime.

God heard and answered our pleas with a blessing even if the time was short that He gave us with Bo. That He gave us that is an overwhelming demonstration of His love and mercy.