Simply Saturday – Discipline

Once again I am giving myself five minutes – five minutes only to write something on a topic.

Today I have decided to write about discipline.

I guess there are two ways to live – with free spirit or disciplined. Or somewhere in the middle.

I tend to the disciplined manner. I like order; knowing what my plans are; planning meals; getting things done. Sometimes, though, I need time to just not to anything. Maybe lie in the sun; sit in a chair and just think or pray.

I know I have a “Martha” tendency. But I still want a “Mary” spirit. I have to find the right amount of each so that my life is full but not overburdened.

Discipline has helped me with my diet. I have found new foods that don’t agree with me. Potatoes and soy. To be able to watch what has these ingredients is not easy. Thankfully God made me have the gift of discipline so I can read labels and make wise decisions.

Time is up – I think my thoughts were scattered today. Probably because this post is for July 30th and it is only July 16th. I head out on Tuesday, July 19th for a two-week mission trip to Poland. Lots still to do.

Hopefully this has made some sense to you.

Are you a free spirit or disciplined? Do you book hotel rooms in advance of a trip? Do you eat at regular times? Go to bed at the same time? Get up at the same time?


I love to connect with you.

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