Simply Saturday – Forgetting

I know I am getting older but I don’t think that is the reason I am forgetting things. I think that once again I have taken on too much. I thought it wasn’t going to be too much when I signed on – but then other things came along to fill all the interstitial spaces.

Last week I forgot an appointment, which I had been waiting for quite a while. This week I forgot my own post on Under the Cover of Prayer – but at least it was still Friday at the time and I did post it.

I tried to set up a schedule for myself using Michael Hyatt’s Ideal Week schedule. It did work – until the weekly plans got changed and then it went by the wayside.

I know that it is important to continue to learn new things – that keeps the dendrites growing. I wrote a post about that called Stretching on the Inscribe Blog.

So I continue to do my Scripture memory work; I learn new computer programs; I do crossword puzzles.

But what I really think is missing is time to think – so this week I am going to add that  – think about what is ahead for this week and try not to forget my new appointment with the doctor.

My 5 minutes is up – your turn.

I am joining Gypsy Mama again on her Five – Minute Fridays. You can join too. Topic – Forgetting



  1. Time to think. Such an easy and free thing to do that can have a huge impact on life. I often allow myself to become to busy to stop and think. It is something we each should make a very deliberate effort to do on a daily basis. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I think when Ann Voskamp tells us to think gratitude at all times and even make a list – that helps me think. Stopping to thank God, brings everything into perspective. I need the reminder every day. SLOW down – say thanks.

  2. Sounds like we’ve had a similar few weeks! Thanks for popping in at my little space. May we never forget to learn from what we forget to do! 🙂

    1. Karen, from River Into Words and from Hubernews… lol:)
      Talk about forgetting – I sent out my church blog post to my Under the Cover of Prayer blog – now that was funny.
      So many little nuances of this computer world.
      May the Lord guide us and keep us remembering what is really important – to keep our eyes fixed on the One and Only Saviour – Jesus.

  3. Oh my….i thought I was the only one, lol….

    I think you are so right….as I flitter from one obligation to another, I realize that if I would just slow down, breathe and take time to think, I wouldn’t forget so much. But the list of my “must do” keeps me from doing this.

    I found you via your response to Sarah (loved your response!) and wanted to visit your blog. I’ll be back soon as I love how you write!


    1. Isabel,
      You made my day! Sometimes we wonder when we write whether we are being helpers of God – that is my goal.

      I love this growing community.

      Many blessings for today, Jan

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