Sunday Stillness – A Weekend to Remember

A Weekend to Remember


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending  Women’s Day Together in Haliburton. Our guest speaker was Ali Matthews, award winning singer/songwriter. What a treat! Not only does this warm, wonderful woman speak about our relationship to God, she sings it.

Her voice and her words have the ability to transcend us from our natural humanness to a spiritual connection with God.

I was blessed by her words and her songs. We appreciated having Rick Francis, her musical partner, come with her. He travelled with extreme back pain but soldiered on to give a great performance. They both stayed at my house which blessed me even more.

And just to make the weekend more complete Ali gave the message and did the music for our pastoral charge. That meant we started our drive at 8am, visited three churches lugging in and out the guitars, and finished at 12:45. Whew! I appreciate the work our pastor does even more.

Ali forgot her binder in our first church but she continued through without notes, doing an excellent job. She sang without a mike or plug in for their guitars. What a job! (I drove back to get it for our next church.)

Her message pushed us to think about the abundance we have in our lives here in Canada. She encouraged us to think seriously about sponsoring a child from World Vision. Ali has three sponsored children herself. Fifteen little ones were sponsored during her visit to Haliburton.

Doesn’t that make you smile!

To top off the weekend my friend, Kimberley Payne, joined me both at the conference, where she gave a very inspired and uplifting talk about being Fit for Faith – with our bodies, and for our Sunday Marathon at the three churches. Thank you, Kimberley.

One more added blessing – we attended the wedding of our pastor’s daughter. Joy and more joy to see his family and friends together to celebrate such an event.

Now I have to admit that on Monday and Tuesday I didn’t do much except to recover. But the memories, love and closeness to God will remain with me always.

A funny story with a God moment.

During the evening after we returned from the wedding Rick, Kimberley, my hubby and I were sitting relaxing and talking when our little dog, Snowball, brought something into the room. She looked up at me and I said, “Where did you get that?” It was a set of post-it notes.

I don’t even know where she found them. I put them aside on the table so she wouldn’t get them again.

The next morning I hear how this story continued. Ali had been upstairs working during this time. She said to Rick when he came back upstairs, “I do wish I had a post-it note as I would like to mark my place in my Bible”. Rick says, “I know where to get some”. He brings back the post-it notes. Ali says, “Oh my goodness, thank You, Lord – You know something before I even have need of it and they are exactly the colour I envisioned.”


How great is our God! Even in the little things.


Ali Matthews, a wonderful speaker/singer for any conference. (tweet this)

Blessed beyond measure this weekend with Ali Matthews. (tweet this)

 Today is Sunday Stillness – others join me to link their posts about what God is teaching them. Enjoy.




  1. It was a fantastic weekend. God was evident in all we did…the singing, the weather, the message, and even the dog! I loved staying at your home Jan — I always feel so spoiled. And I enjoyed being part of the “Morgan Marathon” on Sunday as a roadie/groupie.

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