Sunday Stillness – How is your prayer a time capsule?

Sunday Stillness – How is your prayer a time capsule?


As I read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson I pray more. I see my prayers answered. I see God working. I love this statement that Mark makes in this book:

Every prayer is a time capsule. You never know when or where or how God is going to answer it, but He will answer it (page 204, The Circle Maker).

As I started my faith walk with Jesus I remember someone explain to me that God always answers. The answer may be: YES. NO. or MAYBE.

If you haven’t had an answer of no – then persist in praying. The answer of YES may be just around the bend.

You won’t know if God will answer unless you keep praying.

That’s why prayers are like an incense to our Father – the aroma of our cries, our pleas and our questions. We watch and wait for the answers. That is exciting. But we need to pray in order to get answers.

Our prayers build before the Lord.

Our prayers don’t dissipate over time; our prayers accumulate through eternity (page 204, The Circle Maker).

Join me over at #UTCOP, Under the Cover of Prayer, as we grapple with all facets of talking and listening to God.


Our prayers build before the Lord. ~ @MarkBatterson. (tweet this)

You won’t know if God will answer unless you keep praying. (tweet this)

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  3. Love this. When our church was building our new building, we wrote out prayers and prophetic words and put them in time capsules before they poured the concrete. It will be exciting to see how those prayers are answered concerning our church. I haven’t read the Circle Maker. I have the one for children and Draw The Circle sounds interesting too. Blessings!

    1. Hi,
      I highly recommend The Circle Maker – it has made my prayer time concrete – and looking for special Scriptures is a blessing.

  4. Blessings, Janis – much joy to you! Yes – I see daily how prayer is a time capsule. It’s all in the waiting. Waiting for the Lord to open that which we have buried in Him through prayer. He preserves our praise and petitions to bring them forth in their due season for our good and His glory. A good Word! Thanks for hosting, milady!

    1. Kathryn,
      I love how to say he preserves our praise… like canning our fruit and vegetables. Oh there is another good devotional. Thanks for the ideas.

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  6. I love this quote and idea, Janis — prayer as a time capsule. It reminds me of the verse that says God stores up our tears in bottles and cherishes every one.
    Thanks for the great post & for hosting & God bless,

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