Sunday Stillness – Matthew 6:26

Birds - Matthew 6:26
Matthew 6:26


We have left the ducks and their babies in Arizona. We know that God looks after them. But we also know that they are food for the hawks. That makes me sad but I know it is part of this life. But they sure are adorable to watch. They stick so close to their mother.

But think – they don’t even know God. We do – and we know how much He cares for us. We only need to place our trust in Him.

We will be seeing our ducks soon on our lake – as soon as the ice melts. Spring is very late this year.

Praying that your week will be filled with God-incidents. That you will know Him more and more.



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    1. Laurie,
      Spring – today actually we had a warm day and the snow melted – a lot of it. Saw a robin here in Haliburton as well.

  1. Lovely picture to go with the verses that remind us of God’s great love. I am delighted to come across your blog. Peace and joy for this Sunday.

  2. Thank you for your heart Janis! I love these opportunities to connect with others and simply read God’s Word through what everyone shares. Wishing you also a week filled with God-incidents! (Loved that!)

    1. Beth,
      I love connecting with all of you as well. Sharing, caring and getting to know each other and God’s Word – What could be better?

I love to connect with you.

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