Sunday Stillness – What is a miracle?

Sunday Stillness – What is a miracle?


This week has been another week of praying the Jabez prayer.

I have been writing at Under the Cover of Prayer for the past two weeks about my struggle to find out where God wants me to put my time.

Am I Spinning my Wheels?

Is God Working Through Me?

I enjoy writing on my blogs but I am getting nothing else done. My painting is sporadic; my writing projects are on hold; I am learning more about Twitter but I feel like an infant just learning to sit up.

God says He will do the big things and I have to be confident and do the little things that He asks. When He is ready He will make the way for me to do His work and enlarge my territory for His glory.

I am looking forward to the enlargement of my territory.

But I am also aware that this could change how I do things. It could change my blogging. I am ready to do as He asks.

I am looking forward to my month sabbatical that starts on April 10th – the day we fly back to Canada. I feel that He will show me things that don’t normally happen. And I think He will do this for 3 reasons:

  1. I am watching where God is going and what He is doing.
  2. I am praying more and more – persistent prayers and circling them (as Mark Batterson from The Circle Maker suggests).
  3. I am reading through the New Testament for Lent and learning lots.

As I read through Acts I saw the miracles that the disciples were able to accomplish. They believed and they watched God at work. Miracles do happen nowadays too. But we need to focus more on God and less on the world in order to see the miracles.


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  1. Dear Janis – You’ve hit me where I have been living with this one! I took a three month sabbatical last June through August – stopping to LISTEN – needing to know, “Lord, what would you have me to do?” In the end – He took me back to my roots – my passion: to read, write and make beautiful things. For the past 7 months I have been making a lot of changes in my career – something that I’ve been in transition with for about three years – only recently seeing the Lord’s wisdom and direction in the various plot twists along the way. Trusting God – I’m moving forward, ever slowly – but forward. Seeking enlarged territories for His gifts and calling me that have been exercises and incubated these 30 years. As He will – and in due season – I hope.

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  3. Janis, may God show you exactly how to balance your time & where to expend your energies. I know He will. Thank you for being who you are as you are a blessing to so many!

  4. Well, I know the feeling of wondering if I’m spinning my wheels and if my blogging is really what God wants me to do. And if it is, I still think he wants me to organize my time better and be more deliberate about my posts. I would have linked today but I have a “Giveaway” of Jennifer Dukes Lee’s book, “Love Idol” on my post.

    Sad that you’ll be going home before we have a chance for you to visit us.
    Blessings, Janis

    1. Janis,
      Being deliberate and intentional – sounds like the course we took, doesn’t it. Next year we will make a date to meet for sure.

  5. The most fruitful times are often those after the long dry spells when nothing much seems to be happening, but He is at work! Thanks for the thought-provoking post & for hosting & God bless!

    1. Yes I know He is at work. I feel Him calling for me to do this. I know I need to stop and reconnect with HIm on a deeper level.

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