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A New Start

Do you ever wonder where you are going and what you are doing? I do.

I have so many wonderful ideas, thoughts and longings. Someone told me once that she could see that I was someone who was always looking at coloured balloons and wanting to catch as many as I could. I didn’t understand her analogy at that time but I do now.

I am definitely a ‘Martha’ in temperament and character. I love to do things. I am a woman of action. But I learned that I need to also know the ‘Mary’ side of me.

When I made my decision to follow Christ in 2001 He revealed to me that I needed to take that time – the Mary part of me – and rest in Him. He led me to read a wonderful book called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. That book really hit home. I knew when I finished reading that I needed help for God to change me in the way He wanted.

Two years ago I started to write a story about Mary and Martha. Last week I published my first “dummy” copy. It is a book for children but speaks to all of us. I used my talent as a watercolour artist to illustrate the book.

I hope to speak to you in this blog about the ways we can learn together to be both Mary and Martha.

One way I learned to listen to my ‘Mary’ side was learning to pray. Last June I started a blog called Under the Cover of Prayer. I hope you join me there too. Together we can learn to sit at His feet, learn about Him and learn to rest in Him.