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Creative Saturdays – Painting without a Brush

Creative Saturdays – Painting without a Brush

When I attended my Experimental Watercolour Course we were encouraged (well actually told) to paint only with found materials. Someone brought in a child’s bubble blower; others brought kitchen utensils, straws, strainers; someone had made an unusual homemade items with strings and washers.


Today I thought I would experiment with vegetables. I chose a cherry tomato, carrots and kale.


jVP---the-pallet-to-startThen I started to paint my picture. I mixed some paint on the pallett. Then painted my turtle.
Here are the vegetables after being in the paint.

And the final result.

I found I could use the carrot to draw with. The tomato made a good head, and legs. Both the carrot and the tomato I used to stamp Tadeo’s back. The kale was useful for the background leaves.

I hope you enjoyed today’s experiment and will try it with your kids and grandkids.


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Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox


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Crafting Saturday Showcase – 5 Great Ideas

I have had such fun reading blogs with crafts for kids and looking at Pinterest.

Here are some of the most fascinating I have found this month:

1. Puppets with heads from Paper Mache:

Molly Moo – A great blog with lots of ideas for crafts. I loved the paper mache puppet heads. You can find all the instructions at No Sew Easter Crafts.

 2. Polystyrene Peanuts:

The next idea is so amazing. Never thought about it. But those little popcorn stuffings that come for packaging. Wow –

A beautiful painting. Or a train? Or a forest? Creativity abounds. Find it a Arteaschuola.

3. Origami Art for Children

I always loved paper folding. I remember a neighbour making a bunny for me with paper; and a 5 dollar bill into a ring (I still have that).

Here is a great explanation how to do simple folding and make excellent designs.
Origami Art for Children

Find more at Grandparenting and Parenting with a Plus

4. Homemade Bath Crayons and other great ideas.

Find out more at Little Crunchy Mama.

5. Homemade Modelling Clay

Here is a great idea with easy ingredients. Instructions can be found at Creative Playhouse.

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