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How to use a plastic bag to create a print

How to use a plastic bag to create a print

Today I used a plastic bag to make prints and create an underwater scene in watercolour. I have called this Plastic Bag Printmaking.

I loved the printing process when I used the styrofoam print to make a picture. This time I had read about using a plastic bag. – Please check out Alisa Burke Redefine Creativity. So I said, “Why not?”.

At one point I tried to use waxed paper but this did not work as well. I only used grocery plastic bags. You could also use the baggies (Ziploc idea), as Alisa did.

plastic bag Printmaking

I learned a few things while doing this Plastic Bag Printmaking:

  1. Don’t use too much water unless you want a smeared look (and that may be what you want).
  2. Wait a few moments before putting the paper over the wet paint.
  3. Press down when you want the print to look like what you put on the plastic.
  4. Rub back and forth when you want to smear the paint around.


  • Brushes
  • Watercolour paints
  • Water
  • Plastic bag, opened and cut
  • watercolour paper


Open the plastic bag. On the plastic put the paint – in shapes, blobs, lines. You can use one colour at a time; or you can mix them right on the plastic.

plastic bag Printmaking

Place a piece of watercolour paper over the paint. Press down or rub depending on what type of effect you want. The picture below shows what happens when I rubbed back and forth and the paint was very wet, too. You get a smear of colours.

plastic bag Printmaking

Repeat as often as you want around your page.

If you want a design as well, get a clean sheet of plastic. I drew on the plastic with pencil, then marked the design I wanted (the sea turtle). Then I traced over the lines in paint. A thinner brush would have given a finer detailed turtle.

plastic bag Printmaking

The picture below shows both the printed sea turtle design as well as the leaves with drier paint on the plastic, and pressing down and not rubbing.

plastic bag Printmaking


plastic bag Printmaking

Finish the picture. I loved how this worked.

Try plastic bag printmaking and tell me how it turned out.

plastic bag Printmaking - Sea Turtle by Janis Cox


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Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

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Creative Saturdays – A little Christmas Angel Craft

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Creative Saturdays – A little Christmas Angel Craft

I went to Bible Study with the Bible Babes, yup that is what we call ourselves. The hostess had made beautiful little angels as gifts. Here is the gift she gave me.

So I thought I would try a kids’ version of this craft using supplies I had around the house.


      • Wool, moss, or anything to make hair
      • styrofoam ball, wooden ball (for head)
      • material (cut into a circle)
      • egg carton (1 section cut out); small ceramic pot – for the base
      • marker, paints,
      • trim for halo, or pipe cleaner
      • cut out wings.. from whatever you have


Cut the material to make a circle. The size is about a 5 inch diameter

Paint the face.

Put on the hair. I could find no wool, no moss. So I opted for …. oatmeal. Yes I painted the oatmeal brown and let it dry. Then I pasted the browned oatmeal to her head.



Now glue the material on to the egg carton section (or pot). I actually used 2 egg carton sections to make it high enough for the skirt.

Glue the head onto the body.


I put a ribbon around her neck. You could add earrings, a bow, a pendant, button.

Add the halo.


Add the wings.



My finished Christmas Angel


Here are the two angels together.
I would let the kids use their imaginations totally on this. I can see very decorative angels with lots of spunk. Send me your kids’ pictures if you use this craft.

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Please check out more about my book Tadeo Turtle on Tadeo’s Page. You will find more activities at the back of my book. And a 24-page curriculum is available if you ask.

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Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

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