Love Them

Love Them (reprinted from Under the Cover of Prayer, July 29, 2001) I should be back in Canada today – a little jet-lagged but joyful and fulfilled. Thanks for your prayers. The one thing that we are told over and over – LOVE THEM. Here are the way that I found to love them on… Continue reading Love Them


Love Them by Jan Cox I will have finished the English camp in Poland when you read this. I will be heading for a day of debriefing and a day of sight-seeing in Gorzow. Then I will be flying home to arrive on Monday, August 1. The one thing that we are told over and… Continue reading LOVE THEM


Being His by Jan Cox As you are reading this I will have started my first few days of camp in Poland. This is my third trip with International Messengers to an English Family Camp. Jesus says we can’t become a disciple if we are tied to anyone – we must be His alone. In… Continue reading BEING HIS


Time is Flying By by Jan Cox When you read this I will have 3 more sleeps until I take a plane to England, another one to Berlin and then a drive to Poland. Yes I am going on another mission trip with International Messengers. Time is flying by quickly. With God’s help I have… Continue reading TIME IS FLYING BY