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Sunday Stillness – What is a paradigm shift?

Sunday Stillness – What is a paradigm shift?


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The other day as I put my IPAD on the charger I realized it fit perfectly with the cover on. I had always had trouble putting it in the charger while the cover was on. Suddenly it occurred to me that I must have had the IPAD in the other way. Now the connection was on the other side – and it fit – without removing the cover.

Have you ever been so sure of something that it was the RIGHT way and then were proven wrong?

This is called a Paradigm Shift.

There are many examples of this and I am sure you can comment on the ones that have happened to you.

Pastor Bruxy Cavey from The Meeting House tells a story of how he went  into the wrong bathroom – so sure that he was in the right bathroom he felt sorry and embarrassed for the women entering. Hiding behind the stall it all of sudden donned on him – I am in the wrong washroom. It was quite an amusing tale how he escaped from the washroom undetected.

The realization of the truth does come on SUDDENLY.

That is one reason that God’s Word to us from the Bible can make tremendous impact and change in our lives. We will not expect the change but SUDDENLY it will come to light and the truth revealed.

Kyle Idleman wrote a book called AHA. In it he talks about the AHA moments of our lives.

On the day you finally come home, you will find Him waiting for you. You might wonder, How did He know to wait for me on this day? How did He know I was coming today? He has been waiting for you every day ~ Kyle Idleman – AHA.

From the Bible we read the story of Peter. Peter had been arrested and was in jail. Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to him and helped him escape.

Peter left the jail. Peter came to himself and said, “Now I know without a doubt that the Lord sent his angel and rescue me from Herod’s clutches and from everything the Jewish people were anticipating.” When this dawned on him… (Acts 12:11-12, NIV). (bolding mine)


This past week I attended a funeral of a very close family member. At the end of the internment the snow which had been falling steadily stopped, the clouds parted for a brief moment and blue sky appeared. Then the sun (Son) shone directly on the grave site and the family. What a blessed moment in time! And it was SUDDEN.

At any moment in time God can reveal a truth to us.

Are you ready to be surprised? Have you been surprised all ready? Did you thank God for His revelation?

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What is a paradigm shift? Are you ready to be surprised by God. (tweet this)

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