The Shepherd’s Prompt

by Mary Haskett

Phone now! That was the inner prompting I received as I scurried around my children’s bedrooms, tidying their beds and gathering up clothes for the wash. I was a very new and eager Christian. The summer season lay ahead and a close friend had told me about the Christian camp an hour out of our city. My hope was to register the children and myself for family camp, but my friend advised me the chances were slim, since people booked a year in advance for the most part; however there were sometimes cancellations and this is what we pinned our hopes on. With prayer and supplication we made our request to God.  With joyous anticipation I thought about a whole week of services, teachings and fellowship with other believers.

My friend had advised me to call the camp grounds at nine in the morning , that was the time the secretary would be in the office to take bookings.

It was around eight when the prompt came.  Startled, heart racing I spoke out loud, “Could that be you Lord?” There it was again. Phone now! Beside myself with excitement I dialed the number. The secretary answered on the first ring, yes, a family had cancelled their booking  and a cottage had become available.

Jesus had heard our prayers and had directed me to call an hour earlier. He knew, Mrs. Shields, the secretary was in the office at that time, and He also knew about the cancellation.

In the book of John chapter 10, we read how Jesus explains the virtues of a good shepherd. Verses three and four read as follows:- “The watchmen opens the gate for him and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.” (NIV)

Jesus  is telling us that He is our good Shepherd and we are His sheep and as long as we stay close to Him in thought and prayer we will hear His promptings and follow His direction.


Dear Lord Jesus, whatever  the future may bring, I pray I will remember that you are always there to help and guide me in all aspects of my life. Help me not to crowd you out but to be consistent in communing with you for direction and guidance. May I truly be a sheep who listens to the voice of You, my Shepherd. Amen.


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