The Sound of God’s Peace

by Janice Keats

One of my favourite childhood memories includes spending many nights traveling in my father’s pleasure boat, which was a longliner. Equipped with a sleeping capacity of six and all of the amenities that a family would need, we spent many nights anchored into the deep waters. On some occasions we were docked in a nearby community.

In the darkness of the evening nothing was heard except the gentle waves breaking against the side of the boat. There was usually no other ocean traffic that passed by after dusk. The ocean was our solace as we rocked through the night. But the sweetest sound of my ocean travels was when we were securely docked in a new community because I loved to explore. Those nights I lay awake listening to the scraping sounds of the buoys rubbing against the wharf creating a gentle lopping splash. I could hear the soft rushing waves as they rolled through the intertwining logs of the wharf. Those same sounds awoke me in the mornings.

When I reminisce I imagine how calming it must be for a child to be gently rocked in a mother’s bosom. I imagine how calming it must be for a child of God to be cradled in God’s bosom when tough times arise. When I am found in a desperate time of my life I can recall those wonderful memories and prayerfully wait upon God to guide me safely. Yes, God is in the storms at sea and in the storms of life that so many endure, but He is also in the stillness of the night. God is a God of peace, gentleness and solitude. When we look for Him we will find Him. Whether it is in the middle of the darkest ocean or moored safely to a wharf.

“I will listen to God the Lord. He has ordered peace for those who worship him.” (Psalm 85:8) NCV

Janice is a freelance writer, and speaker. Her passion is developing and teaching workshops on various Biblical Studies, and planning ladies night out events. She is a certified lay Pastoral Counsellor and is presently employed in ministry. She has had several articles published in various local, provincial and national newspapers.

She is the author of, Poems of Inspiration and Occasion and, A Journey to the Heart of Evangelism. Future works include a devotional book and an audio book of her poems. She is married with three grown children, all of whom are accomplished musicians. Her twin daughters, known as The Keats, are country singers and her son is a recording engineer. Janice Keats