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I love how God puts experiences in our paths – just at the right time, too. Read how I saw the Tabernacle come alive – right out of the Old Testament.

The Tabernacle Came Alive

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The Show Notes for The Tabernacle Came Alive

A couple of weeks ago I had read in Exodus 25 the instructions for building the Tabernacle. The reason I had decided to read that particular passage on that particular date is all God.

Over the next 2 years I plan to study God’s Word by going through a 2-year Reading Plan. On February 14 the passage to read was Exodus 25.

I have always been fascinated with the depiction of the Tabernacle. I look closely at the drawings in my Study Bible. But I never could feel the experience.

Until now.

On February 14, the same day I had read Exodus 25, my hubby and I signed up to visit the  experience which is an interactive display that is setup for a few weeks in one area and then moves on to another area.

Churches are asked to volunteer. They the church invites everyone in the community. For the small sum of $5.00 per person we are given an amazing experience. I found it particularly meaning as we are in a desert in Arizona and the dry, desert heat and sun reminded me of what the weather might have been like in the Sinai Desert at the time of Moses.

After being given a brochure to read about the Scripture and the tabernacle, we were given audio connections. We were linked together in twos.

Tabernacle - Reading the Scriptures

Walking through the experience tied together to my husband was very moving. As we stood at each station my connection to God and my hubby felt powerful.

We learned about the white linen garments that were worn by the priests.

We tossed wood on the fire at the Altar of the Burnt Offering.

Tabernacle - Altar of Burnt Offering
Tabernacle, Tabernacle Assignment, 03-04-2012, Ted Miller,

We cleansed our hands in the Laver.

Tabernacle - The Laver

Once inside the tent, after our eyes adjusted to the lower light, we stood in front of the Lampstand, blew out a candle and relit with a prayer.

Tabernacle - through the curtain

Tabernacle - Lampstand
Tabernacle, Tabernacle Assignment, 03-04-2012, Ted Miller,

At the table of the Bread of the Presence we took communion together.

Tabernacle - Bread of the Presence

Standing in front of the Incense Altar we breathed in the aroma and watched the smoke curl upwards.

Tabernacle - Incense Altar

Then with a stick of incense in our hands we entered the Holy of Holies that housed the Ark of the Covenant. We stood. We thought. We experienced.

Tabernacle - Art of the Covenant
Tabernacle, Tabernacle Assignment, 03-04-2012, Ted Miller,

Everything was done in silence while listening to the audio recording. In every word we heard Christ was exalted and the explanation given of how He became the offering to God for our salvation.

As we exited the tent, which had been very hot, we felt a beautiful breeze.

I felt a freedom from all the old trappings that had been necessary for God’s people – until Jesus. (click to Tweet)

I felt elated. As I smiled up to the Heavens, I thanked God for Jesus, for His sacrifice that opened the doors to my relationship with God.

If you ever have a chance to take this Tabernacle experience I would love to hear your thoughts.

May I pray for you and me,

Lord Jesus. Thank You for Your sacrifice. Thank You for your determination to walk towards Jerusalem to certain suffering and death. May we be as bold as You were in going where God leads us. As we walk these weeks of Lent with You, help us to learn more about You and get closer to You. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Until next time, read through the chapters in Exodus and Mark. Learn about each journey following God’s people and obeying Him fully.

I love the words from Mark 9:28,

“‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

And let us follow the words from Proverbs 28:1

The wicked flee though no one pursues,
         but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

Here is a YouTube video of the experience.

All photos were either taken or were used by permission of the Tabernacle Experience.


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  1. What an awesome experience! I’m a hands-on learner and that must bring history alive and an appreciation for the freedom we have in Christ and his tremendous grace towards us! Amen! Thank you for sharing this at #100HappyDays Janis!

  2. Finally getting a chance to read this. It’s amazing how your blog so often dovetails with something that I’m doing — I just started working on Hebrews 9 this week (trying to stay ahead of my Sunday school class), and the opening verses are all about the Tabernacle worship. Your experience and the telling of it underscore for me the truth that all these OT practices truly pointed toward a reality — not only in heaven, but in history! What a great thought to take into our celebration of Easter!

  3. I had a similar experience at a women’s retreat. It was a much smaller, scaled down version, but they took us through the Tabernacle similar to what you did. It was a profound experience and still brings a smile to my face when I remember it.

    1. Hi Kimberley,
      We are both visual people and using our senses too. When I saw the incense I thought – oh no – allergies. But prayed and God was faithful. No problem. I enjoyed breathing in the fragrance of the incense and watching it curl up into the air.

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