Wednesday’s Word – Now

Living in the Now

The other day I had a plan (my plan) to go to town for a couple of errands. Seemed like God had another plan – to allow me to pray for someone. So I offered and I did pray.

Sometimes I am led to do something that I believe I know the outcome but that is not always so.

God can take what I am doing and
make it something for His glory.
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That’s why this week’s word is NOW. We are living in the now – this moment. We are wholly present only at this time. So savour it; listen to it; watch for God in it.

I have to get to the implicit relationship that takes everything as it comes from Him. God never guides presently, but always now. Realize that the Lord is here now,and the emancipation is immediate. (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, April 21).

I have read Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg and we will start our Bible study on this wonderful book tonight.

My word for the year is LIVE. Here are 3 ways that Margaret suggests to live a life Wonderstruck. (#livewonderstruck) All of these ideas are taken from Chapter 001 in Margaret’s book.

1.  Walk more upright with my eyes attentive to what God might do next.

2.  Maintain a childlike receptivity by simply being with Jesus, delighting in His presence, and humbly asking Him to pray for me.

3.  Look and see God’s Hand everywhere.

Do you see how everything written above is in the NOW?

So let’s try this week to live each day fully – watching, listening and waiting to see what God will do.

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Let us be aware this week as we watch where God leads us.

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Let us be aware and live in the now.
Watch for what God can do.
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  1. Janis…great encouragement today. Truly, we only have the now because later is not guaranteed. So we must seize the moment to live unto His glory. Thank you for that reminder and for the link up.

  2. Love it….be with Jesus NOW. sometimes I wish he would reveal his plan a little more than one step at a time, but I think we’d loose the connection, the faith, if he did!

  3. Dear Janis
    Yes, this was meant for me! Today my plan was to write a new post that I had all worked out in my head. Yet, our Pappa decided otherwise for I am to ill and had to stay flat in bed with such Fibrofog that I cannot think properly! Nevertheless, it is still a day our Lord has made that I can live in and love in and rejoice in His presence.
    Blessings to you, dear friend

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