WHAT IS ADVENT? My Own Five-Minute Friday

What is Advent? – My Own Five-Minute Friday.

There is no official Five-Minute Friday for December. But I cannot not write.

So I have chosen the word Advent for the 4 weeks of December. Today is the day of HOPE.

This year I have tried to be intentional about the season of Advent. In our church back home in Canada we have a candle each Sunday that reminds us of the weeks leading up to the birth of Christ. Hope, Peace, Love and Joy

Down here in Arizona – our church here does not even mention it.

This morning I thought of what Advent means to me. I thought of three areas where I can focus on this waiting for the Christ.

Physical – some people fast during this time of year. Instead I thought of nourishment. I think this is a:


I can spend more time in the Word, in Advent studies (I have been doing the download from Margaret Feinberg on her home page), and in prayer.

Mental – I must get my head around the reason for this “Christmas”. So much other stuff is centred at this time of year. Food, gifts, parties. But what does this coming of the Christ mean to me.


Emotional – I used to be excited for Christmas – the presents, Santa Claus, bells, Christmas carols. But what emotion does Jesus want me to have. Anticipation. Yes, I am anticipating the coming of God in human form.


Those are the three things I am concentrating on this season. Advent means the coming of Christ at the Incarnation. God came into being in this world to connect with me. I have a spirit of adventure this year. It is remarkable how HOPE can come when we approach Christmas this way and reach the Risen Christ.

I want to be READY. I want to BREATHE in Christmas!

Come Jesus Come
We wait –

I love the hymn “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus”.



  1. This made me smile, or should I say smirk… Phyllis just asked me if you had decided on a FMF… I said I didn’t think so and I had decided on using Advent! See, it’s so easy to find a common theme to write on… Our church is trying to concentrate a little more on Advent, which is something our church did when I was Episcopal… I used hope earlier this week ; )
    I think we need to email and get aquatinted better …

    1. Awesome Sue. I sent you an email. I love to get connected and meet more people. Advent it is. Please send me your link.

      1. Yes, please spread the Word – and let’s write about Advent for these 4 Fridays. One is after Christmas but …. whatever – it is still Christmas but He has arrived.

I love to connect with you.

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