What’s Behind My Curtain?

Curtain: Scribble Picnic Art Cooperative

Today the prompt is “curtain”. It’s funny as I had a vision the other day of a curtain partway open. Inside were my activities and they were looking at me – asking me “what’s going on?”


I think the dream or vision was showing me that I have all of these things on the go and is this to continue or am I to choose one over the others? Or drop them all?

This summer is an experiment in asking God to help me find my way.

Besides my life as a wife, mother and grandmother; friend; Board member of a charity etc. I love to paint, create, podcast and write.

This last week was wonderful and I spent the entire week with kids and grandkids. I ran a Vacation Bible school in the mornings and played with kids in the afternoons. It was a fun week. But now it’s back to reality. I actually podcasted about my week and it will be available next Tuesday on Hope Stream Radio.

But what about me?

The curtain represents life to me. (tweet this)

What’s opening up for me? Where is God leading me? What choices will there be?

There could be other things behind the curtain that I haven’t come across yet. That’s what is so exciting about life. We never know what will be next. I like that.

I would hate to have everything planned out so that there were no surprises. Some will be good; some not so good. But my faith keeps me focussed on God and watching and waiting for what’s next.

What’s behind your curtain?

Are you letting us see your true self? Or are you hiding in the wings? Can you be brave and try something new?

Do you have dreams and visions?

One vision I had was to help those who are abused. Here was that vision.

Another vision was to start a charity in our town. The charity is called HASP. Here is that vision.


I’m joining Scribble Picnic today. Drop over to Michael’s blog to see other versions of “curtain”.

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  1. The curtain is indeed very symbolic and a good prompt here for the theme. It begs us to pay attention to whatever is revealed when opened and/or hidden and shut and you note. i suspect you are always examining your priorities and that’s a good thing.

    As for visions, never ever had one of any kind nor goals as such but always praying for the right direction to do whatever His will is.

    thanks for the prompts, janice.

    1. Michael,
      Thank you. As soon as I saw the curtain I knew that it held something for me. I am still watching, waiting and praying for more to be revealed to me. Or at least to know as you say: the right direction.
      I have only had a few visions and usually in dreams.
      As you can see I am late with getting back to comments. Summertime! Fun but lots to keep my active.

  2. I love that you illustrated your vision, Janis. Nice curtain too!

    I do like Lorraine’s perspective on the curtain. Sometimes, we can take on too many things so we need to prioritise in order to do the best we are able to…even if that might mean trying something new.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Janis. 🙂

    1. Thank you Serena,
      Yes an open curtain – gives much to think about. What is behind the next step? And trying something new can be exciting if we think that’s what we should do. We are never sure unless we try. And failure is never failure – just learning.

  3. Janis, I really like your challenging question to us as to what’s behind our curtain – and can we be brave to try something new? Thank you as life always brings us a variety of things and people across our path…sometimes, it’s difficult to face. Wonderful curtain interpretation! 🙂

    1. Alexandra,
      I do like challenging myself by first listening to His Voice – and being confident in what I need to do. Sometimes I know I shouldn’t try something. But for instance, podcasting. I had no idea that I could do that. But with a good teacher I was able to conquer the fear and do it. It has given me great experience in speaking and maybe some day I will speak in front of a camera. Or not. lol 🙂

      Sometimes I think it would be much easier if I could just do one thing. But throughout my life that is not what I am like. So God hardwired me this way and I have to run my life through that wiring.


  4. It would seem that your curtain hides many surprises, both for you and for anyone who would venture behind it with you. Your energy is impressive and comes from your strong and solid faith. We all have a curtain, but do all of us have the courage to explore behind it … time will tell. Heartwarming, Janis …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Andrea,
      Very interesting comment. I remember reading a great book called Battle for the Soul of Canada and in it, one chapter talked about being a pioneer or a settler. I am definitely the pioneer type. I don’t want to settle for anything that is not of God. I want to explore where He leads. He is the One who gives me courage.

  5. I like the fact that your curtain is open as you are open to new things and not closed off. Very thought provoking. And your curtain is so rich looking.

    1. Lorraine,
      That’s a cool observation. Yes I am open to changes or experiences. Today I jumped on a trampoline with my 10 year old granddaughter and loved it. I don’t want to close the curtain until the end of my life and that will still have an opening for me to see God.

  6. a vision? I don’t know much about visions or dreams but I think people can do a lot of things and they don’t have to choose at all. cute drawing.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Lissa,
      I know that people have abilities to do certain things. But sometimes I want to go beyond that and dream of doing something else. It might happen. And then there are times I have too many options to choose from and must choose one – or two or become overwhelmed.
      Thanks for the compliment on my drawing.

  7. Interesting that a curtain was part of how God got you thinking about your priorities and what he might have in store for you. Thinking about that is something we all need to do; and I’m so glad he has it all figured out and I just need to trust his guidance!

    1. Jolene,
      Absolutely – I am happy and assured in His loving guidance. But I keep praying the visions and we’ll see where it leads.

    1. Anne,
      Great to see you here. We would love to have Jessie join us. It is fun and you never know where God will lead in inspiration.

    1. Trina,
      Thank you so much. The prompt happened to come when I was on my “thinking, praying” journey so seemed to be a great visual for me.

    1. Wanda,
      I do love sharing what God is teaching me. However, sometimes I am too scattered and now feel I need to hone in on what God really wants me to do (next).

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