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How and Why I Should Stop Saying the “S” Word

A look at how what we say can affect us

I never thought about it. It never occurred to me. My daughter said, “Mom you really shouldn’t say that “s” word.” Now before you start thinking that the “s” word was a swear word – it isn’t.


The word she meant was “stupid”. She has taught her children not to say that “s” word or the “d” word either – yes – dumb.

Frederick William Faber a noted English hymn writer and theologian, whose best-known work is Faith of Our Fathers is quoted to have said:

“With the help of grace, the habit of saying kind words is very quickly formed, and when once formed, it is not speedily lost.”

I like the fact that he says saying kind words is a habit we need to form and that once formed we hold on to that. The Bible tells us to be wise how we live.

Therefore it is so important that we not only teach our children to use a kind word but we as spouses, friends, and grandparents use words that we would like our children to get into the habit of using.

And certainly not use words that we would not want to hear our children repeating.

We are told in God’s Word, in Proverbs 16:24:

Kind words are like honey sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.


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When I first became a Christian even though I didn’t swear very often I started to notice that I still was capable of a rant with words that were not “honey to the soul”.

This was a choice I had to make.

Could I think before opening my mouth even when I felt angry and frustrated? The Holy Spirit helped me to use the fruit of the spirit to make my words encouraging and gracious. Is there anything blocking the fruit of the spirit in your family?

Choices: We make them every day, sometimes every minute.

Proverbs 15:23 says:

Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I answer without thinking it through.

Certainly email and texting has added to this haste to speak without deep thought. How can we make a “fitting reply” when we are hurried to text back, or answer an email?

God can help us change if we ask Him.

But we have to be willing to do the work.

Proverbs 10:20 says in The Message:

The speech of a good person is worth waiting for;
    the blabber of the wicked is worthless.

Slowing down. I think that is what God is telling us.

It is worth waiting for the wise speech of a good person. They have thought through their words, carefully crafting the best way to explain something. They have prayed that God will bless those words.

How can we in our hurried lives learn to speak slowly, carefully and wisely?

Here are three ways I think will help you in this growth:

  1. When you wake up ask God to watch over your mouth for the entire day. Ask Him to speak to you if He senses you are going to make bad choices. And then be ready to listen to Him.
  2. Stop answering emails and text right away. Give it a few minutes at least so you can think over your replies especially if someone is seeking advice or has said something that you disagree with.
  3. Don’t react right away when confronted with anger, or disagreement. If necessary ask to be excused to the washroom (if this is a face-to-face meeting) and in that time – pray that God will calm your spirit, give you wisdom and give you peace.

Throughout Proverbs we are given Scripture after Scripture about the power of words. They can build up and tear down. They can cause division and hatred. They can bring reconciliation and love.

What do your words do?

May I pray for you and me,

Lord, you gave us the power of speech and the ability to think what we say. No other living creature that you created can do this. Let us use this gift wisely to show love, care and protection of one another. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Until next time, think about your words this week. Pray every morning for revelation. Learn to curb your impulses and speak with wisdom and love. And stay reading His Word.

For other thoughts on the power of words listen to my first 4 podcasts on Hope Stream Radio.


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What’s Behind My Curtain?

Curtain: Scribble Picnic Art Cooperative

Today the prompt is “curtain”. It’s funny as I had a vision the other day of a curtain partway open. Inside were my activities and they were looking at me – asking me “what’s going on?”


I think the dream or vision was showing me that I have all of these things on the go and is this to continue or am I to choose one over the others? Or drop them all?

This summer is an experiment in asking God to help me find my way.

Besides my life as a wife, mother and grandmother; friend; Board member of a charity etc. I love to paint, create, podcast and write.

This last week was wonderful and I spent the entire week with kids and grandkids. I ran a Vacation Bible school in the mornings and played with kids in the afternoons. It was a fun week. But now it’s back to reality. I actually podcasted about my week and it will be available next Tuesday on Hope Stream Radio.

But what about me?

The curtain represents life to me. (tweet this)

What’s opening up for me? Where is God leading me? What choices will there be?

There could be other things behind the curtain that I haven’t come across yet. That’s what is so exciting about life. We never know what will be next. I like that.

I would hate to have everything planned out so that there were no surprises. Some will be good; some not so good. But my faith keeps me focussed on God and watching and waiting for what’s next.

What’s behind your curtain?

Are you letting us see your true self? Or are you hiding in the wings? Can you be brave and try something new?

Do you have dreams and visions?

One vision I had was to help those who are abused. Here was that vision.

Another vision was to start a charity in our town. The charity is called HASP. Here is that vision.


I’m joining Scribble Picnic today. Drop over to Michael’s blog to see other versions of “curtain”.

For more #ScribblePicnic pictures click on this link.


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Sunday Stillness – Choose Jesus

Sunday Stillness – Choose Jesus


VBS 2015 – Choose Jesus

It has been a very busy week. My family were visiting and I led a Vacation Bible Camp at our church for the mornings. Needless to say I didn’t have time to reply to the wonderful comments from last Sunday. I did read them and thank you so much. This week it should – (I say should) – be easier to get stuff done.

At our Bible Camp the kids learned 5 important choices

Choose to Believe:
The Blind Man – John 9
Memory Verse – God sent His Son to be the Saviour of the world. (1 John 4:14)
Choose to Act:
The Ten Sick Men – Luke 17:11-19
Memory Verse – Let us love with actions (1john 3:18)
Choose to Forgive:
The Paralyzed Man – Mark 2:1-12
Memory Verse – God will forgive our sins. (1 John 1:9)
Choose to Obey:
The Rich Young Ruler – Luke 18:18-27
Memory Verse – I will obey Your commands. (Psalm 119:
Choose Jesus:
The Disciples – John 20:19-29
Memory Verse – Choose today who you will love and serve. (Joshua 24:15)

They did very well with the memory work. Our presentation on Friday for the parents was fantastic. The kids were terrific.

I bought my VBS from Gospel Light called SonWorld. It was the last one Amazon had and was out-of-date on their website. But it gave me the needed inspiration for stories, great pictures and flannel pictures too. I had to make up my own crafts (except one) as I didn’t find the crafts given to be useful for remembering the lessons.

These are lessons we all need to remember.

I caught a cold on the Wednesday but once again God carried me through. Amazing what strength we can get from Him.

Here is one of the songs they loved and sang at the end of our presentation. Let’s remember these words.

I’m Keeping my eyes on Jesus.


If we keep our eyes on Jesus, He will carry us through. (click to tweet)


Today is Sunday Stillness.


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Sunday Stillness – Where is My Home?

Where is My Home?


Our vacation home in AZ.

We are snowbirds and we fly south for the winter. Each year we fill out a US tax form to show that we have a closer connection to Canada. Canada  – that’s where our family resides, our church, and church family, our home, our cars, our doctor, optometrist, and our possessions and documents. We want to ensure that the US government knows we do not intend to reside in the US forever and become income taxable in the US.

We are just visiting.

In our spiritual lives, we need to think about which place is our closer connection.

Are we pulled and swayed by the world?

Or are we just visiting?

As I finished reading the last study on Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself, the thought of closer connection became clear.

As followers of Jesus, we are just visiting here on earth. It is not our home. And I need to show others my closer connection.

Jesus said:

If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world (John 15:19, NIV).

Next week I will talk about the way to get this closer connection so we know to whom we really belong.

It is not God’s will for us to be mastered by anything other than Him – Beth Moore. Living Beyond Yourself.


As followers of Jesus we need to show others we have a “closer connection” to God. (tweet this)

It is not God’s will for us to be mastered by anything other than Him ~ Beth Moore. (tweet this)

Five Minute Fridays – What to Choose?

Five Minute Fridays – What to Choose?

Linking with Lisa Jo where we take only 5 minutes to write – #FMFParty. No editing. Just getting our thoughts and words on paper (computer).

Go –

What to Choose?


So much to choose from. God gives me such wonderful ideas. I get excited and I am off. But sometimes there are just too many things to choose.

Today my slate said (after prayer and devotionals):

        • tap dance
        • laundry
        • make cabbage rolls in slow cooker (I have to omit the sugar)
        • start making more stuffed Tadeos for the fair (and someone ordered one too)



So needless to say I am in the middle of everything. But I stop every once in a while to pray. Because I believe connecting with God keeps me going. I believe He knows everything that is on my heart. And if He would rather me choose something else He is going to make it very clear. (But only if I am listening.)

The pause in between choices is the most important thing.

Never get so rattled with all that is before you that you can’t do anything.

Pause – pray and ask for direction. God always comes through – gives peace and productivity can continue.

Upcoming choices:

      • my first newsletter
      • expanding Under the Cover of Prayer by producing an ebook or short groups of topics together
      • One Day at a Time – will this be an ebook, softcover, devotional or Bible study?
      • two children’s books that need my artwork

But – each moment of each day is special to God. I look to Him for timing, for inspiration and for energy. And of course the best choice I ever made was choosing to follow Jesus.

Time’s up. Got to take the laundry out of the washer.

Your turn. Join us at Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Fridays.


The best choice I ever made was choosing to follow Jesus. (tweet this)

The pause in between choices is the most important thing. (tweet this)

Five-Minute Fridays

Five-Minute Fridays

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