Why Should We Forgive?

by Mary Haskett

Why should we forgive?  It hardly seems fair in our minds that we should forgive when we have done nothing against the person who has offended us. Supposing they’ve caused untold suffering, and even damaged our reputation, or they have hurt someone near and dear to us, should we still forgive?

Simply put, yes, because Jesus tells us we should.  In Matthew 6:14, Jesus says, “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you.” Hmm the second part of that statement may cause us to squirm a little. Surely we’re not sinning; we are forgiven and saved for heaven’s sake.  Ah, but still we blow it and Jesus has made provision for us knowing we will slip at times.

In Luke: 6:27-31 Jesus tells us to love our enemies and to pray for them, to bless those that curse us and, pray for those who despitefully use us (paraphrase). Of course our natural inclination is to do the exact opposite.

It does seem a tall order, but Jesus knew that we would experience trials, so He left instructions as to what to do on such occasions. The marvelous realization is that when we obey Him and forgive, there is a remarkable sense of peace and well being and I can testify to that.

Dear Lord, you know all about the difficulties and conflicts that can arise. Help me always to be obedient to You and in so doing know your peace. Amen.

Mary Haskett

Mary is a writer and speaker. Since becoming a Christian she has served as Director of Women’s ministries, Singles Fellowship, counseling and prayer.

She is a member of The The Word Guild. and Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship. Mary is the founder of Ready Writers, London

Her book Reverend Mother’s Daughter was a finalist in the 2008 Word Guild of Canada Awards and won an IPPY award in the states. Her second book Because We Prayed was released last year.  She has had many articles published and  has been a regular contributor to the community publication Christian Life in London. You can visit her on her website.


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