A Sanctuary of Time

Chapter Four in Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts is entitled “A Sanctuary of Time”. This chapter is so packed full of wisdom and holiness.

Here are a few nuggets to ponder over:

“Life is a Gift”

“Time is life – and if I want the fullest life, I need to find the fullest time.”

Mornings for me were fraught with panic, trying to do so much in a little time. I never gave myself enough time to do what needed to be done, so therefore I ended up stressed and bad-tempered.

I love Ann’s words, “life is not an emergency”. I want to enjoy each moment, live it to the full. Even in writing this I am not stressing that it has to be done by tomorrow morning. I am letting the words flow by themselves.

As the past week has shown me – I need to start each day with God. As I talked about Wandering, then First, then Grafted – I have taught myself or God is teaching me that life is living – breathing each moment without tension – because I can rely on Him; because I can breathe in His promises; because I can live each moment grateful for little things.

I have reached over 100 in my gratitude list and I love to thank God for each gift He gives me. Today it was a little walk to the mailbox – light wind blowing, trees greening up, and the sun shone.

We do have the choice to be fully attentive to life – and we get there by getting into the right habit of giving thanks for each moment.

Are you aware of living? Are you present in each moment? Can you see the beauty of “right now”?


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