Those Urgings in My Spirit

By T. L Wiens

About a week ago, a name kept coming up in my head. It wasn’t the name of someone I see a lot but I do know her. It isn’t the first time this has happened to me and I know when this happens, I need to pray for that person. That’s what I did. Life went on and I forgot about the incident.

Then two days ago, a neighbour asked if we’d heard what had happened. The person that I felt urged to pray for had fallen through the ice. She spent a half an hour paddling around in the water, clinging to a chunk of ice before help arrived. And that help couldn’t have arrived by chance to say the least. There is no denying God’s hand at work in her survival.

Did my prayers make any difference? Would the outcome have been different if I wouldn’t have been obedient to that urging? I don’t know.

In Exodus 32:32, Moses makes a plea for the Israelites. He asks God to blot his name out in place of theirs when God wants to destroy them for their sin. Does Moses’ plea make a difference? God doesn’t destroy the Israelites.

We can’t say how much our prayers make a difference but I’ve seen it too often when I’ve felt that urge to pray for someone, the person on the other end is in need of that prayer. And I think it makes more of a difference than we’ll ever know. It might be the difference between life and death.


Tammy Wiens

Tammy lives in Saskatchewan with her husband. They have four children. She enjoys gardening, walks along the beach and being on the farm. She has a passion for her faith, studying the Bible and prayer.

She has published two books; Where a Little Rain Comes Down and Making the Bitter Sweet. A short story, “Vi’s First Christmas” will appear in Christmas Chaos coming out in October of 2010.

Visit her website.


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