Where is Beauty? Five Minute Friday

If we use our eyes we will see beauty around us.

I have 5 minutes to write my thoughts on “Beauty”. The prompt is from Five Minute Fridays.

From “The Kingdom of Thrim” by Janis Cox


When I think of the word beauty I see all of God’s creation.

There is so much to see. I haven’t travelled the world much — I’ve been to Europe a few times, the Caribbean, and seen some of Canada and the US.

But I hadn’t really seen any of the beauty. I had to look for it.

During a challenge by Ann Voskamp back in 2012 I started a journal based on a book called One Thousand Gifts. I saw more of God’s beauty than I ever had before. But I had to look.

Looking isn’t easy in our busy lives, is it? We run from one activity to the next.

In this challenge I took my camera with me almost every day and found pictures of things I was grateful for. And I did that until I reached 1000, but I couldn’t stop and I wrote them down until I hit 3000.

This exercise expanded my thinking and my viewpoint.

I know my pictures are scattered all over my computer. But they are not organized and very hard to locate what I want.

I think it’s time I do this again and classify them as I take them. I will choose a time to begin and start to collect my memories of my next 1000 Gifts.

Here are a few memories from that time.




Back in 2012 in every blog post I would add the gifts from the week.

Today I see beauty around me because Jesus opened my eyes to see.

Tim Hughes wrote Here I Am To Worship and these words always stick with me:

Light of the World
You stepped down into darkness
Open my eyes
Let me see
Beauty that made
This heart adore You

Hope of a life
Spent with You

It really was the beauty of Christ that made me decide to give my life to Him.

At that moment the whole word became alive. As I said in my children’s book, “The Kingdom of Thrim”:

“Colour covered everything.”


Time’s up. Join us and write for 5 minutes on Fridays.

Are you interested in seeing more of God in your life?

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  1. That’s why I love to travel. It’s so good to see beauty and be always in awe of our surrounding. God’s creations are just astonishing!

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