Are you ready for a blanket of snow?

Are you ready for a blanket of snow?

When Michael of #ScribblePicnic gave the prompt for blanket this week my thoughts went to cuddling a warm afghan on a cold winter’s night. Then I saw Pooh Bear snuggling up with his blankie. But finally I decided to paint a quick watercolour of a snow blanket.

Soon we will be heading to warmer climes – getting away from the coming winter. Snow is beautiful. I love seeing snow covering the lawn.  If only it would stay on the lawn and not go on the roads. Driving in snow is not one of my favourite activities. And after 7 years of escaping it I am afraid I am no longer a seasoned winter driver.



Here is my watercolour rendition of “Blanket of Snow”.


That’s from memory. No picture to look at. But I know as the drifts pile up, the white snow becomes less pure, dirtier.

I love reading Psalm 147:16

He (God) spreads snow like a blanket
and scatters frost like dust. (Good News Bible)

And you can pile that blanket of snow higher and higher!

We have some gorgeous pictures from our winters past but most of them would need to be scanned. I found the two pictures on this post on my computer.

One more from my Growing Through God’s Word Facebook group. blanket


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  1. Both your new painting and the journal page are so nice and peaceful. However, like Andrea, I don’t look forward to the cold temperatures that come along with snow, beautiful as it may be. Nor do I appreciate driving in it, even though I should be used to it. Your igloo photo looks like the kind of thing our family does with snow when there is plenty of it!

    1. Jolene,
      I remember making forts as a kid. And even making an igloo by cutting out the snow. I do miss that part. I don’t even mind the cold when I am bundled up – and sunny days are absolutely glorious. But driving in it – nix. No way.

    1. Thanks Lorraine,
      I guess nothing does compare to fresh fallen snow – especially in the bush. The stillness. We were in the middle of a frozen lake on snowmobiles. We turned them off and just lay back and took in the majesty and silence. It was amazing.

  2. I love your imagination piece, Janis! Clever take on the theme.

    I lived in Wyoming for around 18 months so got to experience their long winters. I remember refusing to drive in the snow after I had a scary experience…being from sunny Queensland, Australia, I didn’t know how to drive in snow and nobody told me. One day, after dropping the kids to school, I applied the brakes and my car literally lost traction and I had to swerve into the gutter to avoid hitting into the car in front of me. I loved the snow but I detested driving in it.

  3. Wow, look at all of the snow! None here yet in our little town, but those only a few hours from us are starting to get snow so it won’t be long! 🙂 Very pretty snow painting too. It turned out nicely and no reference photo, to boot. 🙂

    1. Alexandra,
      Yes I usually use reference photos not trusting myself to draw yet. This is a first. We are still green – not as many trees turned bright red this year. We had so much rain this summer. Muted shades or dead leaves. But still a beautiful fall.

    1. Trina,
      Thanks. Not sure where the idea came from. Must have been thinking of travelling south and the snow that is coming soon. It does nestle the plants and keeps things warmer than they would be without it.

  4. Janis, not only a clever take on “blanket,” a super great painting! I;d say painting from imagination seems yo let your expressiveness out a bit more. I love it. It’s perfect! And, yes, you better hope you can keep going to AZ to escape driving in it which I’m sure is super hazardous up there.

    BTw, love your street photo. how perfect a neighbourhood.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Michael,
      The photo is from another town. Couldn’t find one on my computer of winter since it’s been 7 years since we stayed here. We return for Christmas but not to our home. Yes I think I have to start being freer and let my expression show. It’s the old “left brain” that holds me back. Thanks to scribble picnic for loosening me up. I guess that’s why doing batik goes well because I am free to just place the paint, and the wax wherever I feel led.

  5. How beautifully you have captured “blanket” with your lovely watercolor snow scene. Your journal page is lovely too. Nice work Miss Janis!!!

  6. Your watercolor for today’s ‘blanket’ theme is lovely Janis. The birch trees and distant building brought the winter scenes in ‘Dr. Zhivago’ to mind – one of my favorite movies ever – and my own travels to the Russian Far East (Kamchatka) where spring was arriving but there were still snowy areas out in the vast countryside, and snow-covered volcanic mountains circled the city of Petropavlovsk.

    Fortunately we don’t get a lot of deep snow here in North Carolina (but in the 12 years I lived in New Hampshire and Massachusetts I had my fill I assure you!). We do enjoy a dusting here in January once the holidays are over and people do not have to drive long distances. Of course I love to take photos of the garden birds in a snowy landscape.

    Enjoy the remaining days of yet another week – how fast they fly!
    Mary –

    1. Thank you Mary,
      Oh I had never thought of Zhivago – but you are right – I remember those scenes. I don’t mind dustings either – but day after day of dark and snow is not for me – while we can we will head for warmer climes.

  7. Well, there will plenty of that only too soon. I like your blanket of snow but am not looking forward to the real thing. Wait, that isn’t true … I love snow, I just don’t enjoy the cold. But snow is my dogs favorite thing in the world so we look forward to it for her. Your painting is delightful and love the Birch trees. Great job, Janis …

    1. Andrea,
      I loved to walk in the snow with Snowball. lol. But the time came when we were being too cooped up and the only exercise hubby got was blowing snow – which was a lot. And of course, bundling up and walking the dog. I didn’t like the ice, the wind or the cold. 🙁 But when it’s sunny it’s beautiful.

    1. Thanks Christine,
      I don’t usually do anything from my imagination but thought today would be a good day to try. I like painting from a picture or a sketch. I added a Bible journaling from today.

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