CAN I DARE YOU? – Week 2

Can I Dare You – Week 2


As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. A wonderful week searching and looking. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

Jan. 7 ~ 3 Graces from People you love

  • Laughter at dance as we learn new steps and are using canes. Very funny! Watch out around me.
  • People like my paintings
Batik Turtle – a friend for Tadeo?
  • Hubby vacuumed as I still fight this bug

Jan. 8  ~ Light that caught you, a reflection that surprised you and a shadow that fell lovely

Light that caught me.
Reflection that Surprised Me


Snowball’s Shadow – so long – fell lovely

Jan. 9  ~ Gift in hand, gift walked by and gift sat with

  • Snowball jumped in my lap and I petted her and snuggled
  • We walked by a bunny that was camouflaged against the bushes – Snowball didn’t even see it
  • my hubby drove me to the Apple Store to fix my computer

Jan. 10 ~ Gift that is sour, gift that is sweet, and a gift that is just right

Sour lemons
Sweet Oranges


  • my first Bible study after the holidays – great Bible Babes

Jan. 11 ~ 3 yellow things

Yellow Bananas
My yellow morning devotional chair


Yellow flowers taken on a beach in northern Poland

Jan. 12 ~ Something above me, below me and beside me

Looking up at the palm trees on my retreat
Below me – bubbles from the waterfall at the retreat
  • new friends met at Cozy Mountain Lodge Retreat in Gilbert, Arizona – walking beside me

Jan. 13 ~ 3 sounds you hear

  • at the church service this morning – “roaring like a lion” from God’s Not Dead by the Newsboys.

Roaring like a lion
Roaring He’s roaring
He’s roaring like a lion
He’s Roaring He’s roaring

  • ducks landing in the lake
  • my hubby using a power drill to build me a new cabinet for my art supplies

Here is the video of My God’s Not Dead.… a great way to end the week.

My God’s Not Dead He’s surely Alive.

Please feel free to add your post link in the comments – we would love to see others who are counting the gifts and doing the JOY DARE



  1. Hi dear Janis
    Snowball looks adorable. my neighbor also has a Maltese poodle and they are adorable. Your photos are amazing. That reflection of the trees on the water is beautiful!
    Much love

    1. Mia,
      Snowball is an imp – full of fun and energy and joy. Reminds me every day to seek the blessings. Thanks for the compliments on the photos. It was a gorgeous, if cold, day when I took those – so clear and calm.

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