Can I Joy Dare You? Week 11


As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. A wonderful week searching and looking. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

March 11 ~ 3 gifts read

  • Wonderstruck – my book of this year
  • Podcasting – taking a course by Kelley McCausey. Lots of new learning
  • A special gift from my granddaughter – the cards and words printed by herself

March 12 ~ 3 gifts – in wind, in water, in white

  • wind  – very still today but a light warm breeze blew across my face as I drove the golf cart
  • water – washing my paint brush out in art class
  • white – a wonderful post about a white bedroom and white from the Solo Deo Gloria Party by Elizabeth.

“All I could see was white, and I knew to head for the most restful room in the house. How fine it was to ease my dry bonesdown into colorless comfort. To cease striving. To wait for hope to be breathed back into my parched limbs and purpose infused into my soul. I think I only closed my eyes for about 20 delicious minutes, but I came up out of whiteness, refreshed. “

March 13 ~ 3 gifts round

Round Barrel Cactus
A Round Barrel Cactus


Round - Joy Dare
A decoration seen on our walk around the lake.
Round - Joy Dare
A round decoration on our door reflecting the light.


March 14 ~ 3 gifts found in silence

  • my quiet time with God
  • sitting at a stop light – only me in the car – no music
  • a lovely afternoon nap

March 15 ~ 3 gifts given away

  • a book – Tadeo Turtle – to send to a friend in Poland
  • my time to set up for Arts and Crafts sale
  • encouragement to friends in emails and prayer

March 16 ~ 3 hard Eucharisteo

My Dad – born March 16, 1910 – died February 15, 1993.

Dad Jan as a baby
My Dad and me – I am 3 months old.
  • didn’t sleep well – allergies and hubby snoring – but able to go to Arts and Craft Fair – in His Strength.
  • maybe not allergies – a cold?

March 17 – 3 gifts, – turned, folded and hung

  • turned: I love that I turned on the tap and out came hot water
  • folded: We folded the clean sheets together
  • Hung: Hooks to hang up the towels to dry



  1. so glad you found me through the gratitude community at Ann’s. I love your list and that sweet, sweet picture of you and your father! I’m your newest facebook follower 😉

  2. Hi Janis, Thanks for stopping by my post yesterday! I like your ’round’ pictures…we have a round prism glass in our door as well and l love the rainbows it leaves all over!

  3. Love your list… and all the photo’s too! Very nice! (and I love those rare quiet moments in the car – and those emails from friends filled with encouragement and prayers!) Visiting from the Multitudes on Mondays over at Ann’s!

    1. Thanks Karrillee,
      I know what you mean about “rare moments” of silence. Except for my early morning meditation – silence is not easy to come by. I love driving for 1 and 1/2 hours by myself – with my worship music on; then off and pray. Beautiful time.

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