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God, How Long Will You Let the Wicked Get Away With Murder?

Psalm 94:3

On studying Psalm 94:3 I wrote this poem.

Psalm 94:3

How long?
How long, Lord?

The plea of those without hope
I am sure they are crying out to You, Lord
I can hear their cries of anguish

Rescue them, Lord

Keep the police informed
Help the officials and those working to stop trafficking and slavery
Find and charge the perpetrators

Change the hearts of those who do this evil
Just like Paul was blinded by the light of Jesus.
Do the same to these men, women, whoever

Blind them and make them see the Light
Make them hear Your Words

Make them STOP

Open all eyes to know when something is not right
Help us to help stop this
Open hearts to give, every little bit helps
Open hearts to join all groups that work
To bring justice to the downtrodden

Free the captives
Open doors to new lives of freedom
Help restore lives

My anguish is real
My heart is sore
My head hurts

Why oh Lord?
How long must this go on?
Why do people hurt others?

Why must they have this power?

Help the officials find them
Help them rescue the abused
Use your Power oh Lord

Burst their balloons!
Make them deflate

Restore lives

©Janis Cox 2019

Join me in fighting against human trafficking.


Dressember is one way to advocate against human trafficking. Your pennies can help. In the US donate here. In Canada donate here.

I am wearing a dress and a button every day in December to talk to people and raise funds for advocacy about human trafficking.

Here are a few pictures of my first few days.

I know – nothing matches.

But it sure causes conversation and that’s what I am trying to do. And it’s cool here.

Psalm 94

This was the wildest!!

Can you help?

Monday Musings – Can a dress change the world?

Monday Musings – Can a dress change the world?

Janis Playing in a dress

What a unique December! When we went home to visit our family for an early Christmas celebration I continued to wear a dress every day –

because I believe “A Dress Can Change the World”.

Yes even in winter with a dress, with pants underneath or tights, boots, hats and coat I was able to walk around the neighbourhood.

It can be done! Wear a dress even in winter.

Has anyone decided to join me in wearing a dress for the last week of December? Please add your name in the comments. Or if you know of others doing this, tell me.

I am pleased to say that I have started to see some donations come in. Thank you. Thank you. I am matching up to $500 all donations to Ratanak International. You can pay online or send a cheque – just click on Ratanak Janis Cox to access the information.

This has been an interesting exercise. I have met people, talked to them and discussed human trafficking.

I want to spread the word.

Let’s be aware. Let’s not judge. There is more here than we can know. The Star has an excellent article. Check it out.

Watch this interview with the founder, Brian McConaghy, of Ratanak International. Cambodia cries out.


Donate to Ratanak International to stop sex trafficking in Cambodia. Help stamp out human trafficking. (click to tweet)

Continue to add your favourite charities below.

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Thoughtful Tuesdays – 4 Ways I have become more aware

Thoughtful Tuesdays – 4 Ways I have become more aware


After writing my post on Sunday Stillness about being easily deceived, I have been given even more awareness into things I just didn’t know. This all started from reading Titus 1:10

For there are many rebellious people, mere talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision group (Titus 1:10, NIVUK).

1. In Beth Moore’s study I have learned that I not only have to see – I have to attend to what I have seen. Her example is Moses and the burning bush. The study is called Children of the Day based on 1 and 2 Thessalonians. We have to watch out for false gods.

Idolatry is a python of misfit parts, squeezing the life out of us (page 35, Children of the Day).

Isn’t that a picture?

2. One of the comments on my post for Sunday gave a wonderful link to why Yoga is “Unfortunately, … more … than meets the eye.” Check out Stretching the Truth about Yoga for an extremely informative article.

3. I am teaching the Bible study The Workbook of Living Prayer. We were learning this week to be aware and pay attention to. (a repeating theme for me this week). Watch using interruptions, people, and situations. See and pray through all of these.

4. This morning in our Arizona newspaper there was an interesting, enlightening article on BPA. I couldn’t believe all the places that BPA can be found. Watch for plastics labelled 3 and 7. Watch for those receipts we get at stores. (Yes BPA is in them too) I couldn’t find the Arizona Republic article but here is one that is similar BPA and your health.

4. And just one more awareness. We are working on eating real foods – and this article has one good explanation. It is from 2011 but it certainly is eye opening. Our pantry has no packaged goods anymore. I hope to write more about eating real foods.

“This is the first study to provide clear evidence that food packaging is a major source of BPA and DEHP exposure in children and adults,” (AZ Central.com)

So let’s keep our eyes open – let’s see where God is leading us. Read His Word.


This week I have found 4 ways that I became more aware. (click to tweet)


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Why Do I Forget to Say Thank You?

by Janis Cox

W!C Worship

Thank You, Lord

“Thank you” – two little words with so much power. The only other words with equal or more power are “I’m sorry”.

Why do I have trouble saying thank you? I think it comes down to PRIDE – I don’t want to lower myself and admit I needed help.

I think our ability to say thank you to people is directly related to our ability to thank God.

This week was an easy one for me to thank God – for the safe arrival of our 6th grandchild. The words flowed; the praise and the thanks.

But on a day to day basis, even when I do the Joy Dare (counting gifts) I look, I find and I record BUT I forget to thank the One for the gift. I forget to thank the Giver.

When I read the Scriptures I read, I study, I even question God, I record my thoughts BUT do I thank Him for His Word – NO.

One of the first Scriptures I memorized is found in Philippians:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6, NIV). [emphasis mine]

With thanksgiving – oh those are meaningful words.

Thank Him, Thank Him – all ye little children – remember that one?

Here is a new song for me “I’m Alive” by Peter Furler.

Here are the words to the chorus:

I’m alive
I’m on fire
And my spirit burns with desire
You set me alight
And with no way to hold it inside
I wanted to thank You

Thank You
Thank You

This week I want to be more intentional in my thanksgiving. I want to be aware of thanking Him for every little thing.


Father, forgive me for taking all that You do for granted. I do want to thank You. I will try this week to remind myself of those two little words and use them daily in my walk with You. In Jesus’ name. AMEN

Janis Cox

Janis Cox - Author and Illustrator

Jan, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published two devotionals and a number of articles for magazines and a Bible study. She is owner of Under the Cover of Prayer and moderates the site. Jan has completed a children’s book called Tadeo Turtle. She is the watercolour illustrator. Word Alive has published Tadeo Turtle. See more information at Jan’s Website.


Can I Joy Dare You? Week 11


As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. A wonderful week searching and looking. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

March 11 ~ 3 gifts read

  • Wonderstruck – my book of this year
  • Podcasting – taking a course by Kelley McCausey. Lots of new learning
  • A special gift from my granddaughter – the cards and words printed by herself

March 12 ~ 3 gifts – in wind, in water, in white

  • wind  – very still today but a light warm breeze blew across my face as I drove the golf cart
  • water – washing my paint brush out in art class
  • white – a wonderful post about a white bedroom and white from the Solo Deo Gloria Party by Elizabeth.

“All I could see was white, and I knew to head for the most restful room in the house. How fine it was to ease my dry bonesdown into colorless comfort. To cease striving. To wait for hope to be breathed back into my parched limbs and purpose infused into my soul. I think I only closed my eyes for about 20 delicious minutes, but I came up out of whiteness, refreshed. “

March 13 ~ 3 gifts round

Round Barrel Cactus

A Round Barrel Cactus


Round - Joy Dare

A decoration seen on our walk around the lake.

Round - Joy Dare

A round decoration on our door reflecting the light.


March 14 ~ 3 gifts found in silence

  • my quiet time with God
  • sitting at a stop light – only me in the car – no music
  • a lovely afternoon nap

March 15 ~ 3 gifts given away

  • a book – Tadeo Turtle – to send to a friend in Poland
  • my time to set up for Arts and Crafts sale
  • encouragement to friends in emails and prayer

March 16 ~ 3 hard Eucharisteo

My Dad – born March 16, 1910 – died February 15, 1993.

Dad Jan as a baby

My Dad and me – I am 3 months old.

  • didn’t sleep well – allergies and hubby snoring – but able to go to Arts and Craft Fair – in His Strength.
  • maybe not allergies – a cold?

March 17 – 3 gifts, – turned, folded and hung

  • turned: I love that I turned on the tap and out came hot water
  • folded: We folded the clean sheets together
  • Hung: Hooks to hang up the towels to dry