Thoughtful Tuesdays – 4 Ways I have become more aware

Thoughtful Tuesdays – 4 Ways I have become more aware


After writing my post on Sunday Stillness about being easily deceived, I have been given even more awareness into things I just didn’t know. This all started from reading Titus 1:10

For there are many rebellious people, mere talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision group (Titus 1:10, NIVUK).

1. In Beth Moore’s study I have learned that I not only have to see – I have to attend to what I have seen. Her example is Moses and the burning bush. The study is called Children of the Day based on 1 and 2 Thessalonians. We have to watch out for false gods.

Idolatry is a python of misfit parts, squeezing the life out of us (page 35, Children of the Day).

Isn’t that a picture?

2. One of the comments on my post for Sunday gave a wonderful link to why Yoga is “Unfortunately, … more … than meets the eye.” Check out Stretching the Truth about Yoga for an extremely informative article.

3. I am teaching the Bible study The Workbook of Living Prayer. We were learning this week to be aware and pay attention to. (a repeating theme for me this week). Watch using interruptions, people, and situations. See and pray through all of these.

4. This morning in our Arizona newspaper there was an interesting, enlightening article on BPA. I couldn’t believe all the places that BPA can be found. Watch for plastics labelled 3 and 7. Watch for those receipts we get at stores. (Yes BPA is in them too) I couldn’t find the Arizona Republic article but here is one that is similar BPA and your health.

4. And just one more awareness. We are working on eating real foods – and this article has one good explanation. It is from 2011 but it certainly is eye opening. Our pantry has no packaged goods anymore. I hope to write more about eating real foods.

“This is the first study to provide clear evidence that food packaging is a major source of BPA and DEHP exposure in children and adults,” (AZ

So let’s keep our eyes open – let’s see where God is leading us. Read His Word.


This week I have found 4 ways that I became more aware. (click to tweet)


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  1. Hi! Linking up with you through Give Me Grace. Beautiful passage in Titus you’ve written on, and I appreciate your thoughts on seeking God for His wisdom and revelation in all things…..isn’t it wonderful He is “good” and is always for our best in soul, body and spirit. Blessings, sandraj

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