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Monday Musings – How does being a child of Christ change a life?

Monday Musings – How does being a child of Christ change a life?

Can a dress change the world

Cold outside? You can wear a dress – just layer up.

The more I write, the more I read, the more I watch about human trafficking, the more committed I become to do something about it.

I am still wearing a dress for December so I can ask, “Can a dress change the world?”

Thank you to all those who have commented, prayed and donated to Ratanak International. Thanks for your caring and sharing. I will be extending my pledge to match up to $500 given to Ratanak through my page (or by cheque with my name in the subject line) and my offer to give $5.00 to Ratanak for every Tadeo Turtle sold. I will extend both of these until mid January.

If you are finished with turkey, and gifts, and family – please consider looking into my Ratanak page. My heart is broken to know that this travesty goes on in this 21st Century. I thought all that ended with the abolition of slavery. I was wrong – very wrong.

Please become aware. Listen to others and if you think a person may be in an abusive relationship – listen to them. Pray for them. Get them help.

Look for where God is leading you. Don’t turn away because it isn’t nice, it isn’t pretty. Go where God wants you to go. Be aware. Be there. Share this information with a friend, a co-worker.

Here are some notable videos and links about #humantrafficking and Ratanak.

A tour of the RAP home – the Ratanak Achievement Home.

Since 2012, the Ratanak Achievement Program (RAP) has been committed to equipping survivors of exploitation with vocational and life skills training, empowering them to pursue their dreams and live independently. This RAP Community Home is where they learn, where they experience care and love, and where they continue their journey of healing.

Brian McConaghy, founder of Ratanak, talks on 100 Huntley Street about chatting to the girls who were rescued from #sextrafficking in Cambodia by Ratanak International.

Christ heals.

“These girls get Christ. … They can relate to Him. … No one can take Jesus away from these girls.”

A great article written by Sue Carr Tiffin in The Highander. Check out page 18. Talking about Violence Against Women.


Can a dress change the world? I think it can. Join me and get the word out there! (click to tweet)

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Monday Musings – Can a dress change the world?

Monday Musings – Can a dress change the world?

Janis Playing in a dress

What a unique December! When we went home to visit our family for an early Christmas celebration I continued to wear a dress every day –

because I believe “A Dress Can Change the World”.

Yes even in winter with a dress, with pants underneath or tights, boots, hats and coat I was able to walk around the neighbourhood.

It can be done! Wear a dress even in winter.

Has anyone decided to join me in wearing a dress for the last week of December? Please add your name in the comments. Or if you know of others doing this, tell me.

I am pleased to say that I have started to see some donations come in. Thank you. Thank you. I am matching up to $500 all donations to Ratanak International. You can pay online or send a cheque – just click on Ratanak Janis Cox to access the information.

This has been an interesting exercise. I have met people, talked to them and discussed human trafficking.

I want to spread the word.

Let’s be aware. Let’s not judge. There is more here than we can know. The Star has an excellent article. Check it out.

Watch this interview with the founder, Brian McConaghy, of Ratanak International. Cambodia cries out.


Donate to Ratanak International to stop sex trafficking in Cambodia. Help stamp out human trafficking. (click to tweet)

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Monday Musings – Can a Dress Change the World?

Monday Musings – Can a Dress Change the World?

tap dance dress

It’s been quite the two weeks – I love to talk to people as I walk around the lake. Our dog, Snowball, makes it easy to start to chat. Lately I have been asking them, “Do you want to know why I am wearing a dress?” It is most interesting that very few have ever thought about human trafficking.

I am advocating for Ratanak International by wearing a dress every day in December.

Let’s Make Double Double!

Can you help? I will match every dollar up to $500. And for the month of December Ratanak also has a sponsor that will double all gifts up to $45 000. Check out their Facebook Page. This is double double.

I do believe we can change the world if we may more people aware of this travesty. Will you help me? Will you spread the word? On Twitter, on Facebook – through word of mouth?

Let’s get the word out – this is happening! How can we help? It seems like an insurmountable task. But it is possible. Let’s make this a world-wide movement.

Let’s spread LOVE not hate.

Let’s spread DIGNITY and not abuse.

Let’s spread FREEDOM and not slavery.

My dress for tap dance came from a friend. What a welcome present!.

I also am offering to give to Ratanak $5.00 for every Tadeo Turtle that I sell in December.


Join me in the fight against human trafficking. Support @RatanakIntl. Wear a dress in December.  (click to tweet)

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Monday Musings – Breaking My Heart

Monday Musings – Breaking My Heart


I am actually wearing a black skirt over my capris. This month a dress a day for honouring those caught in the evils of human trafficking.

Yes, my heart broke this week. As I put on a dress every day I remember why I am advocating against human trafficking. As I put on the dress, I pray for the Lord to show me how to get the word out. How do I tell others? How can I help?

I emailed friends.

I Facebooked.

I tweeted.

And I prayed. And I prayed. and I prayed.

Please watch this video by Cheryl Weber from 100 Huntley Street who is on the Board for Ratanak International.

Giving Life to Rescued Girls

Here are my two decisions:

  1. I am partnering to fund raise for Ratanak International 
  2. I am donating $5 from every Tadeo Turtle book sold in the month of December.


Father, I pray that in all I do I honour you. May you help me to get out the news that yes there is human trafficking in our world – slavery is alive and well. Help me to help stop this. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


 As I put on a dress every day I remember why I am advocating against #humantrafficking. (click to tweet).

Monday Musings – Can a Dress Change the World?

Monday Musings – Can a Dress Change the World?

It’s amazing to me how God leads me in a different direction sometimes. On Facebook I saw a post about DRESSember. Curious I followed the post. This is what I found out:

Can a dress change the world?

Dress Ratanak Janis Cox

That is the question.

The challenge is to wear a dress every day in December to bring awareness about sex trafficking around the world.

After hearing all the talk about wearing dresses to raise awareness about human trafficking I decided to do it too.

Tomorrow is day 1.

I think I am ready. I am a pants girl. So this will be a challenge. But coupled with skirts and pants over dresses I think I can do this.

I remember when I attended school and university that we had to wear dresses, even in snowstorms in Toronto. I had high boots, but cold knees. We didn’t have fashionable tights or leggings.

I am going to donate to Ratanak International,. I learned about this organization when Kelita Haverland came to be a speaker at our Women’s Day Together a few years ago. And I am Canadian and this is a Canadian charity. But it has a US affiliate so you can donate there if you are American.

However and whatever happens it is opening my eyes to prayer for those who are caught in this human trafficking evil. Please pray with me for the month of December (and beyond).

If you want to join me, email me at Janis and I will give you the scoop (as far as I know it).

I will be posting updates and pictures on my Facebook Page – AuthorJanisCox. And will update my progress next Monday.

I am joining with Ratanak International to support their work. See more on my Facebook Page as I figure this out.

Here is my Ratanak Page.

Also I have decided to give $5.00 for each Tadeo Turtle (my children’s book) sold during the month of December. Please see How Tadeo Wants to help Fight Against Human Trafficking.


Janis signature


Join me in wearing a dress to fight against human trafficking. (click to tweet)


Lord, please help all of us to be faithful in prayer for everything that you bring to our attention. Today I am praying for all those affected by the evils of human trafficking and I am asking for wisdom and abundance for those who work to fight against this evil and help those who are hurt by it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.