How Can We Make a Visit Turn into More than That?

Visit: Five Minute Friday

Each week I try to join Five Minute Friday to write for 5 minutes without editing. I have been unable to do this for the past few weeks and I missed it. So today’s word is visit because Five Minute Friday is moving to a self-hosted site

Today’s post is still at Kate Mortuang’s if you want to join us.


My first thought went to the shepherds and the Magi who visited baby Jesus.

Then I paused and thought:

What did the shepherds and the Magi do after the visit? (tweet this)


I think that’s a very important question.

They left and TOLD others. That’s what they did.

Then I thought of my writing and my Christian friends who write. I thought of the reading I do when I visit other posts. Do I just visit and leave? Should I be doing more?

I think we need to visit and then go beyond the visit
in order to spread The Good News. (tweet this)

What can we do?

  • Visit:
  • Like: if we can
  • Comment: This boosts the author’s esteem, make the author want to write more, makes us think more about what was written.
  • Share: Sharing is telling the world that what we read is important. Share on social media. Link to that blog post in one of your posts. Talk about it in your email updates.

We need to be intentional in spreading the Word of God.

We need to make the choice to take the time and spread His Word that others write. I know It’s one more thing on your list – but I think that is what we need to do.

The shepherds and Magi did it – can we?

Recently I joined an experiment on A group of writers are looking to help one another to read each others’ posts, like them with a heart, and comment. In this way we hope to boost our readership on Medium, on our blogs and on our email lists.

I would love for you to join me there: If you scroll down through my posts you will see that the experiment is working. When I was going solo I got 2 likes – now I have over 13 per post.

  1. Like it by clicking the heart on the left.
  2. Comment at the bottom with the little caption icon.
  3. Share it on your social media.
  4. Highlight the parts you like.

And for Five Minute Friday I will make a more concentrated effort to visit more than 1 or 2 posts. I think I will set aside 30 minutes on Fridays to visit whether I have posted or not. This way I can visit and share.

We will all then get to know each other better but also help spread The Good News just like the shepherds and the Magi.

Will you join me?

Time’s up for this week’s Five Minute Friday.

Join others at Five Minute Friday.


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  1. Janis, you seem to be a woman of action and not just words. That seems exactly what Jesus wants. You’ve encouraged me with your words AND actions. Thank you.

    1. Debby,
      What a lovely compliment. I certainly am trying. It’s not easy growing a community and even harder growing an online community. Good to meet you.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging and thought provoking post on how to grow an online community. Have a wonderful Friday and a blessed weekend. 🙂

      1. I agree, Janis! It’s always fun to see where a word will take my thoughts!

        I looked around your website and was drawn to your work and illustrations. I’m going to send a link to our church’s children’s librarian. 🙂 Have a blessed day! 🙂

  3. Hi Janis – I’m next door to you at Five Minute Friday this week (#20) and I’m really glad to meet you — especially another Ontarian! Although as you will see if you read my post, I’m not a native Ontarian; I was born in PEI.

    I really like your post and your ideas for going beyond simply reading posts and then moving on. Social media CAN be a real place of community if we do some intentional things to make that happen. I have also been trying to read more FMF posts; I try to visit at least one blog I haven’t read from before as well as the ones right before and after mine. I hope we can connect again in future; thanks for sharing, and have a good Friday (and weekend).

    1. Hi Neighbour,
      It is wonderful to meet someone from Ontario too. I am on my 30 minute reply mode right now. I hope we connect too.

I love to connect with you.

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