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Scribble Picnic: Books

Oh that is such a good word for this week’s Scribble PIcnic. I love love books. For that reason, I have had to pare down all the books I had on my shelves or I would be overrun with them. I keep the ones I have written in and give the rest to our church or Thrift store.

I’m once again joining Scribble PIcnic. Michael was dealing with a death in the family and needed to take two weeks off. To find out more about the co-operative, go visit Scribble Picnic. I am sure all of us are hoping Michael is back to his humorous, fine form this week.

Here is my booktable – changed from the picture as I move every book all around.


Check what’s on  my to-read or in-the-middle of reading list: (tweet this)

  • Smith Wigglesworth
  • Healing by Francis MacNutt
  • Why Pray? for your pastor by Richard Ciamitaro
  • The Joy of Missing Out (Finding Balance in a Wired World) by Christina Crook

Ones that I have recently read and would recommend:

  • Paula Parker – Sisters of Lazarus, Glory Revealed
  • Heather Gray – Mail Order Man (two more in the series, reading the second one)
  • Michael S. Heisier, Supernatural

I love historical fiction. I also read the Bible daily and books that will increase my faith. I have been reviewing books for over a year. You can find me on Goodreads.

Today’s picture is of my book table right beside my reading chair. I actually have two tables – one on each side. Most of the time I have books spread all over my area. As a result, you will always find bibles, devotionals, my writing journal, my sketching journal, and interesting books I use for reference. Yet if I store them away I will forget to refer to them.

My sketch:

I used pencil first, then micro pens.


My pencil crayon:

Using the watercolour pencil crayon I filled in the colours.


And lastly my final watercolour pencil crayon:

Using a thin paintbrush I went over the colours being careful to rinse my brush after each colour.


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  1. Janis I love book and my bookcases are full. I just need to find some time to read this summer.

    1. Thanks so much Alexandra. I love books – and today at the Home Show in town a lady gave me 2 free ones on money. We teach a course on managing finances through our charity to help single parents go back to school. So more reading.

  2. I’m a bit of a book fanatic myself, Janis, but had to pare my collection down during my declutter phase. I love non-fiction books best but I also like historical fiction which often include real life facts.

    Great job on your books sketch! The colour added a lot of depth and interest. I tend to have books spread about for easy access too.

    Oh, and just in case you don’t get back to my post…in response to your question, Cody is a Maltese|Shihtzu|Chihuahua mix. He will be 11 in November and is my constant companion.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week,
    Serena 🙂

    1. I forgot to add that I do love horror books too with Dean Koontz being one of favourite authors…his older books, that is…not overly keen on his newer ones but I read them out of loyalty. OH, and I did love the Harry Potter book series too so I guess fiction is a genre I enjoy too.

    1. Lorraine,
      I never thought about that. Yes they do make a type of art don’t they. I guess that’s why I love bookstores – besides the books – it is the design and colour.

  3. Your final rendition works wonderfully and it was interesting seeing the transition from the sketch to the original and comparing some of the books to the photo too. Great job, Janis. Well, I hope I am back to a fairly witty self, thank you. In fact, Alexandra said that my wit seems to have increased since Mama’s funeral–maybe she left a wee bit beinhd for me? Well, nice to think so anyway!

    So, your Answer book is upside down in the photo as the cross is upside down! I’m glad you fixed that on your drawing. 🙂

    I knew that BOOKS would be a great theme and could look forward to reading about people’s various books they love (which, funnily enough, I actually forgot to include in my write up) –gad you did though. Of course, I’ve read the Bible and have read one of your books or one similar to it–the one about Smith Wigglesworth whose life was truly amazing!

    I tend not to read fiction of any sort adn actually don;t like historical fiction although I do love history and will read ones on it like “The Fall of Berlin” and such. For the most part, 95% of what I read is non-fiction with the most being news each day. lol.

    Anyway, great job, Janice. Thank you so much for adding your lovely piece to our picnic. Happy ready!

    1. Michael,

      Your taste in reading is much like my hubby’s. He reads all non-fiction and the news. I prefer fiction and I guess Wigglesworth is much like fiction as it has characters and lives. But I also like knowledge – especially about the Bible so my non-fiction turns out to be those books.
      Good eye to notice the upside down Bible.

      Actually I sketched the picture first over 2 weeks ago – then my books got changed around in the next week and I stuffed them in the shelf. I didn’t even see the Bible was upside down when I took the picture yesterday. Too funny. I’ll have to go and fix it now.

      Thanks for the compliments. I am getting more comfortable in sketching now thanks to this co-operative. Great to have you back.


  4. I couldn’t see the book titles through my small screen but this looks good with the colorful spines. good take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  5. What size is your drawing? It’s nice being able to read your book titles on your shelf, whereas my drawing was too small to make them legible. It was fun to recognize a couple of titles on your lovely bookshelf! I know what you mean about not going to books that are put away, which is why my Bible is always out rather than shelved. I desperately need to cut down on the number of other books in our house. It’s so hard though, even though there is no way I’ll ever read all of them again, or some even for the first time if I’m honest with myself!

    1. Hi Jo,
      My drawing is in a small book – I think 6 x 9 inch sketch book. I did print very small. My Bible is always on my table – but so are a pile of other resources. I love to read on my lap so I have a lap pad that I read and write on. Yes decisions of which ones to give away are hard. I belong to a cross-country Canadian Christian writers’ group – so I usually buy many of their books and they are signed. Do I want to get rid of them? That’s why I donate to the library.

  6. Like Sue, your book stand looks very inviting. I also love books, and most are related to my Bible study. I do like historical novels too. Just finished a great study on the Titus 2 woman. You have a nice touch with your sketches and colors. The Table really looks like wood. Nice touch.

    1. Wanda,
      If you enjoyed your Titus study you might like to check out Ed Hird’s book Restoring Health in the 21st Century – based on Titus 1 and 2. He visited Crete and has amazing information and background. I don’t like reading about history but love to learn about it through fiction.

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