What is Truth? Five Minute Fridays

This is quite a question. I am writing for Five Minute Friday today and the prompt is TRUTH.

I think I will focus on the truth about food nutrition for today.

UPDATE: Thursday, February 18, 2021 –  We are still mostly eating this way. Heavy on vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Hubby has kept off the weight. We exercise often. There is still so much wrong with American diets – wheat, and sugar. But people are changing their way to think about food. Oils used to be a bad word – but good oils are necessary to our health. We use olive, avocado and coconut oils. We still use butter but sparingly. We don’t worry about salt as we don’t eat packaged foods.


I think it’s amazing that we find out years after the “truth” was told to us by nutritionists that – oh sorry that’s not true.

Let’s look at FAT. Back in the 60s, we ate butter, we had meat, vegetables and fruit. All of sudden butter got a bad name and fat was labelled bad. Margarine was the new “good”. And all the cookbooks came out at “Low Fat”. Who knew that the makers of margarine could have such pull? Who knew that the corn producers would have such pull – corn oil, corn syrup?

My goodness. My hubby went on this low-fat diet – but what we substituted for fat was products with sugar and their derivatives. Low-fat salad dressings – sugar. Margarine instead of butter which had transfats. His cholesterol went up. He couldn’t lose weight.

Then the TRUTH came out. Fats are necessary and good for you and sugar is bad. (Tweet this)

We looked into the Paleo diet. We started to eat more vegetables, more fats, and meats. We limited the carbs. And what happened. He lost 45 pounds. And it has stayed off. We feel better. We have more energy.

That Canada Food guide pyramid is built wrong. What is the truth?

A new Canada Food guide is out – now it has fruits and vegetables as 1/2, protein 1/4 and grains 1/4.  (I am allergic to grains so stay away from this quarter).

We need to eat heavy on the vegetables, some fruits, some meat, and fats. If you eat grains eat them in moderation.

A great movie is called FED UP. Check it out.

That’s some of the truth about food. I am not an expert but you can find out more with the links.

Corn – The Shocking Truth – Maybe?

Corn? The truth about corn isn’t so much about how much corn we consume, but about how much corn is consuming us.

And we were told eggs were bad. We were told coconut oil was bad. Big business – money, got involved with the truth.

Check out: The Coconut Oil Conspiracy.

Time’s up for this week’s Five Minute Friday.

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  1. Sometimes it confuses me. One website says different from another and then from time to time, opinion changes. I think it’s also because science keeps on discovering things.
    It’s good to be careful of which to believe nowadays.

    1. Lux,
      Science does discover things – then big business covers it up because it affects their bottom line. That’s what happened to corn back in the 70s – now it is being discovered and low fat is not good for us. URG.

  2. It’s so true! Nutrition advice keeps changing. It makes me wonder what it is that we believe today that we’ll find out tomorrow is wrong.

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