SUNDAY STILLNESS – Can You Find Peace?

Can You Find Peace?

Lake Reflections by Janis Cox – Watercolour

Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit. He left us with His Peace.

Can you find it?

I work on it and slowly it is becoming a reality. Ask Jesus to fill you with His peace.

Happy New Year Everyone.



Joining the Sunday Community at Jumping Tandem and Still Saturday.



  1. Yes. I am BLESSED to have His peace. He’s IT. W/O His peace we couldn’t truly survive in our day-to-day world. Good Word and good reminder. And, also, the painting is really “loverly”!!

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. Such encouragement to paint more. Now I need time to talk to God and decide where to put my time.

  2. Hi dear Janis
    Yes, the peace our Beloved Lord left us is a gift to enjoy as we live daily, moment by moment in our Prince of Peace. So nice to see your link at Laura’s.
    Much love and a blessed 2013

    1. Mia,
      Feeling peace is so important. As Jesus said – peace I bring to you. He did not mean world peace but peace of heart and mind – knowing God and leaning on Him.
      Blessings to you in 2013

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