Counting to 2000

Counting to 2000

I have moved my list of counting gifts from Under the Cover of Prayer to my website. I will try to post my thank yous on Mondays and link to A Holy Experience.

        • emergency massage appointment – thank you, Holly
        • Helene and Karen who helped me at the Arts Fair
The Arts and Crafts Fair
        • meeting people who liked my book, Tadeo Turtle
        • faithful hubby who came for the last shift at the fair
        • selling stuffed Tadeos and getting orders for more
A bale of turtles
        • beautiful time with God
        • starting to learn Scriptures (learned 3 news ones this week)
        • meeting new friends online
        • beautiful walks in the sunshine
Walking around the lake
        • no more back pain
        • being able to pray for my pastor friend in Poland
        • reading the prepublication of Wonderstruck #livewonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg
        • learning to Tweet
        • Tadeo has his own Facebook page 
        • someone who trusted my cheque would arrive
        • flowers in the desert
Flowers blooming
        • memories of Haliburton and missing my home
        • trip to the olive grove
        • blue blue blue skies
        • watching little bird snatch crumbs under our table (oh I forgot my camera)
        • someone loving my little book (such encouragement)
        • reading Everything by Mary DeMuth
        • sleeping so soundly
        • tap dancing for fun and calling it “tapercize”
        • new friends through the Internet
        • learned a 4th scripture – I am slow but steady
        • fall leaves in the desert
Yes the leaves do fall – some of them, anyway. Fall in the desert
        • American Thanksgiving – a quiet day of thanks for us
        • microwaving leftovers
        • a good buy at Goodwill – a sewing table – the dining room table was too tall and I made a mess in the room
A new sewing table – reuse, recyle
        • a cozy red housecoat for cool mornings
        • sweet raisins on my oatmeal
        • working along side my hubby cleaning our home
        • watching Snowball – she is really funny




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