CRAFTING SATURDAYS – Pointillism Tadeo Turtle

Crafting Saturdays – Pointillism Tadeo Turtle

Pointillism Fished Picture Tadeo

I thought I would try something new for me. I decided to paint my turtle using 3 colours and Q-tips. I used blue, red and yellow. I used the technique called Pointillism.

I waited while each colour dried before applying the next set of dots.

I did not try to be exact the way the masters were. I tried to do as a child. I had fun.

After drawing an outline of my turtle, I started with the first colour dabbing dots into the turtle’s shell.

Pointillism Tadeo Turtle

I continued to add colours to the shell.

Pointillism Tadeo Turtle Step 2

Then I added dots of colour to the head, feet and tail.

Pointillism Tadeo Turtle Step 3

When I had finished I dabbed in any areas that seemed to need more colour.

Pointillism step 4

At this point you could cut out the Tadeo Turtle or make a background using the dots.

I decided to use the plastic wrap background.

For the background I wet the paper; then I dropped paint into the wet paper; I applied plastic wrap in long strips to look like bushes and leaves.

Pointillism step 5

For the foreground I wet the paper again; then dropped a mixture of all the colours to make a brown and a grey; I added other colours as well. This time with the plastic wrap I placed the plastic to look like stones and rocks.

Here is a picture with the plastic covering the foreground. I placed heavy books on the plastic and WAITED. That is always the hardest part.

Pointillism step 6

This is my picture after removing the plastic wrap.

Pointillism Tadeo Step 7Here is the final picture when I added a little bit of shading, a couple of rocks and a face on Tadeo.

Pointillism Fished Picture Tadeo

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    So, I think you may have been confused that the sing up was for you to link to the art related to the theme –monogram in this case, which I gave out two weeks ago. So, watch out for the next theme announced tonight adn sign up when done , linking to your art.

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