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Creative Saturdays – Round Up Number 2

Creative Saturdays – Round Up Number 2

Here are the next 5 most popular creative activities. You can see the first 5 on A Round Up.

Painting Without a Brush


I used vegetables to paint this Tadeo Turtle picture.

Paper Plate Tadeo Turtle

Paper Plate Tadeo Turtle

Paper Plate Tadeo Turtle

Pointillism Tadeo

Pointillism Fished Picture Tadeo

Felt Board Tadeo Turtle

Felt Board Tadeo Turtle

Stuffed Tadeo Turtles

Stuffed Tadeo Turtle - Janis Cox

Stuffed Tadeo Turtle

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Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox


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CRAFTING SATURDAYS – Pointillism Tadeo Turtle

Crafting Saturdays – Pointillism Tadeo Turtle

Pointillism Fished Picture Tadeo

I thought I would try something new for me. I decided to paint my turtle using 3 colours and Q-tips. I used blue, red and yellow. I used the technique called Pointillism.

I waited while each colour dried before applying the next set of dots.

I did not try to be exact the way the masters were. I tried to do as a child. I had fun.

After drawing an outline of my turtle, I started with the first colour dabbing dots into the turtle’s shell.

Pointillism Tadeo Turtle

I continued to add colours to the shell.

Pointillism Tadeo Turtle Step 2

Then I added dots of colour to the head, feet and tail.

Pointillism Tadeo Turtle Step 3

When I had finished I dabbed in any areas that seemed to need more colour.

Pointillism step 4

At this point you could cut out the Tadeo Turtle or make a background using the dots.

I decided to use the plastic wrap background.

For the background I wet the paper; then I dropped paint into the wet paper; I applied plastic wrap in long strips to look like bushes and leaves.

Pointillism step 5

For the foreground I wet the paper again; then dropped a mixture of all the colours to make a brown and a grey; I added other colours as well. This time with the plastic wrap I placed the plastic to look like stones and rocks.

Here is a picture with the plastic covering the foreground. I placed heavy books on the plastic and WAITED. That is always the hardest part.

Pointillism step 6

This is my picture after removing the plastic wrap.

Pointillism Tadeo Step 7Here is the final picture when I added a little bit of shading, a couple of rocks and a face on Tadeo.

Pointillism Fished Picture Tadeo

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