Creative Saturday – Four Essentials of Composition

Creative Saturday – Four Essentials of Composition

This week I took an Experimental Watercolour Course – it was excellent. One day we talked about 4 essentials for a good composition. I decided to paint them so I would remember them. And as an aside – you don’t need all of these in one painting!

Here they are:

Size of the Elements:

Vary the size of the elements in your picture


Negative Shapes:

Make use of the edges of the paper. Vary the size of the negative shapes.



Have something that is not like anything else in your piece. This could be colour, shape, a different element.

composition---dissonance copy

Hierarchy of Focal Points:

Watch where your eye goes first. That is the first focal point. Then where does your eye travel? The goal is to get the eye to roam around the page. Do that by making a hierarchy of focal points. Make things of interest in different areas of the page.

First the eye looks at TAD – the printing is dark; red pulls the eye

Next the eye finds the biggest object which is Tadeo; he is turning around so your eye follows that movement.

Your eye looks up to SQUIRREL or down to CAT –



I  hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I learned much from this course. I hope to share other ideas in the weeks to come.

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Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

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