Creative Saturdays – Foam Print Tadeo Part 2

Creative Saturdays – Foam Print Tadeo Part 2


I had so much fun doing the Foam Print Tadeo I wanted to try again with the different colours on the paint tray.

Check out the materials and instructions at Foam Print Tadeo.

Here are the results:

First I loaded the paint pan with the colours in approximately where I wanted them. Remember to reverse your picture. And you could just put colours everywhere and see what turns out.


Next I placed my foam print down on the paint. (See my other post of making a foam print for instructions).



The next shot is the picture of the paint pan after I have put the foam on top of the paint.

FPT-the-paint-tray-for-FPTThis is what the stamp looks like loaded with paint.


And here is the shot of the foam going on to the paper.


And the final picture


Now I was so happy that I wanted to see what a second print would look like. So I loaded the foam stamp again. The paints had mixed around a bit.

FPT-second-copy-stamp And then this is the result. More blurred and some white showing through. I like it. Now I could go and spray the pan and take another print. But I don’t have time to take the pictures. Try it.


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