God said Whoa! #WOGS Linkup

God said Whoa! #WOGS Linkup

Once again I got on a roll and forgot to stop and regroup and see what God had taught me in the past seven weeks. He certainly prepared me for all the possible things that might go wrong with a book launch. God said Whoa. And I have stopped to review.

Here are 2 things I know God is teaching me:

God said Whoa

God said Whoa

And all my past 7 studies since Lent have been focused on these truths:

God is interested in every facet of my life, including my prayer life  (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Do not be anxious – pray instead (Philippians 4:6-7).

Jesus lives in me and fills me with His power and strength (Galatians 2:20).

Be led by the Spirit and not man (Galatians 3:3).

All I need to do is KNOCK (Revelations 3:20).

God’s timing is perfect (2 Peter 3:9).

Have Confidence in God (1 John 5:14).

We are still waiting to make the announcement that The Kingdom of Thrim has gone to print. I don’t think it will be long now. We have gone through trial and error; we have had glitches. But through everything we remain strong in the knowledge that God will make a way.

As I remember all these past scriptures I know that God has given them to me for this time in my life. I am calm, happy and joyful that He is in control.

I am enjoying the company of my launch team. They have become good friends.

To read the reviews click here. The Kingdom of Thrim reviews.

God said Whoa

How have you been? Do you see God at work in your lives? Do you know to slow down and smell the roses?

Today is Word of God Speak #WOGS.
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Keep yourself fit to let the life of the Son of God be manifested ~ Oswald Chambers (tweet this).

There is no room or time to be disagreeable ~ Oswald Chambers (tweet this).

God said Whoa. Find out how I learned to listen to Him (tweet this).



  1. I’m blessed and encouraged by your writing and publishing books and would love to draw from your knowledge of how-to’s.

    1. Elizabeth,
      I have never learned so much as through this go round. We hope to write something for others who will travel this journey.

  2. Praying for you to make the announcement for your book! You did such a great job! My sons love this book and Tadeo! Thanks for hosting and hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    1. Kelly,
      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. We are almost there. I know it seems like it is taking forever. But I trust that God has a reason for this timing.

  3. Launching a book is a challenging endeavor I’m sure. Your faith prevails though and I love hearing how God is working you through. Thank you for hosting. Lovely verses shared this week.

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