Do You Know Why You Are Stressed? Pause

What Jesus Can Teach Us About Pause The word for Five Minute Friday this week is “pause”. “Pause” is such an important word in our lives. Jesus went away from all the people to find communion with God. He left early in the morning to go out by himself to pray. We need to use… Continue reading Do You Know Why You Are Stressed? Pause

Slow: Five Minute Friday

Slow: Five Minute Friday I am writing for 5 minutes on Friday night, while helping hubby renovate the kitchen. Joining Kate Motaung at Five Minute Fridays. Today’s word is SLOW. It’s funny I recalled a childhood memory to my hubby today while we walked our little dog, Snowball, around the lake. I recalled walking home… Continue reading Slow: Five Minute Friday

Breathe: Five Minute Fridays

Breathe: Five Minute Fridays I can’t believe one week has gone by so quickly. Breathe. Janis. Breathe. That’s what I always tell others when they say they are stressed, angry, frustrated or just plain tired. Breathe. Why do I use that word to help them and me? Because that is what can bring God into… Continue reading Breathe: Five Minute Fridays

God said Whoa! #WOGS Linkup

God said Whoa! #WOGS Linkup Once again I got on a roll and forgot to stop and regroup and see what God had taught me in the past seven weeks. He certainly prepared me for all the possible things that might go wrong with a book launch. God said Whoa. And I have stopped to… Continue reading God said Whoa! #WOGS Linkup

Are you led by the Spirit or Man?

Are you led by the Spirit or Man? Word of God Speak Linkup This will be a different Word of God Speak today. God has shown me what I need to do and that is listen to His Spirit. Are you led by the Spirit or Man? I had decided to join an online Bible… Continue reading Are you led by the Spirit or Man?