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Breathe: Five Minute Fridays

Breathe: Five Minute Fridays

I can’t believe one week has gone by so quickly. Breathe. Janis. Breathe. That’s what I always tell others when they say they are stressed, angry, frustrated or just plain tired. Breathe.


Why do I use that word to help them and me? Because that is what can bring God into the situation. By stopping to listen, to quieten our hearts and spirits, God speaks and we can listen.


I’m doing it right now. I know I am supposed to “write for 5 minutes” but when I am not typing I can stop and breathe in His Spirit. Ask Him for inspiration. Let Him bring about a restoration.

I have a plate at home that always reminds me to stop and take a breath. It says, “Stop and smell the roses.”. I think we forget to do this – all the time. We get on a roll, we keep going and doing and going and doing. Until sometimes we just stop because we have come to the end of our strength. You can read all about how God stopped me in my tracks and forced me to take a breath so I could listen to Him.

breatheThat’s a good thing though – coming to the end of our own strength. I am reading The Story of With by Allen Arnold. I heard him at a writers’ conference last weekend. He talks about trying to do everything in his own strength and how that will eventually implode and even explode. Instead he suggests we need to live in the land of With – With God. In that land we can slow down, inhale God and we can find joy and peace.


Scripture talks about quietening our souls. We can do that by focusing on our breathing and nothing else. As we take in breaths,  in and out, we know we are creatures created by God. He is breathing right there with us.

The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life. (Job 33:4, NIV).

When we stop and breathe – we refocus on God. (Tweet this)

We can hear His Voice, feel His presence, learn His wisdom.

Life is breath. So breathe.


Here is a great song by Jonny Diaz called “Breathe”.

Five minutes are up. It’s your turn. What are your thoughts on the word “breathe”? click on the icon below and try your hand at writing for five minutes.



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Sunday Stillness – Are you joining God in His will?

Sunday Stillness – Are you joining God in His will?


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Come near to God and he will come near to you (James 4:8, NIV).

I have had an interesting two weeks. A close relative died and that meant a trip home from Arizona. Always knowing that I need to follow God’s will, I have stayed for two weeks – not sure exactly why – but when God says something – we act. I pray that I have been a help to those concerned and shown God’s love and comfort to those in need.

I had read Oswald Chambers a few weeks ago.

The moments I truly live are the moments when I act with my entire will (Oswald Chambers, Nov. 4)

And then to top off that weekend the Sunday’s sermon focused on these words:

Do I live my life

  • with my will and my strength
  • with His will and my strength
  • with His will and His strength?

Putting these together:

The dominating power of the world, the flesh and the devil is now paralyzed, not by your act, but because your act has joined you to God and tapped you in to His redemptive power (Oswald Chambers, Nov 4).

To my way of thinking, if we are acting in God’s will, we do what comes naturally.

But we must move – we must do. We can’t sit back thinking should we or should we not. I know there is a time when God says wait – and I wrote about waiting expectantly. But when He says “do” – we need to “do”.

Is there something God is calling you to do?
Take time to listen to HIm. Act in His will.

Do you have that urge to act but are afraid?
Remember to be not afraid. Do it in His strength.


Are you joining with God in His will, and living in His strength? (click to tweet)

Today is Sunday Stillness.

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