Holding on to Faith

by Mary Haskett

In times of crisis it can be difficult to hold on to our faith, but thank God we can immediately call upon Him for help. Our hearts may be racing with the trouble at hand, but we are assured He is there to help us.

Many times crisis  situations stir up panic, especially when those near and dear to us are involved. I recall a crisis 18 months ago when my littlest grandson was born with major health issues and my daughter became so ill that I flew to Ottawa to be with them. My prayers were desperate to start with, but as the plane took off I refused to entertain doubt and fear and made a concentrated effort to think about faith scriptures. Over and over in my mind I kept saying,  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen,” (Hebrews 11.1KJV), and as the plane soared into the skies my faith soared with it.

My son-in-law picked me up at the airport . Within an hour we stood in intensive care looking at a very sick baby. I will tell you in all honesty my faith started to waver, Have you been in a similar situation?  I willed myself  to focus on God’s word again.  Basically that verse is telling us our job is to exercise faith and hope, to look beyond the immediate and with our spiritual eyes believe and see resolution. I’m smiling now, as I think about my daughter fully recovered and that dear little Jacob—I still hear his laughter as he ran around our living room a couple of months ago.

Whatever your circumstance be encouraged and let faith and hope rule in your life.


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