How Can I Release my Family to God?

by Stephanie Nickel

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds

When sharing at the Lord’s Table with my church family, my pastor referred to God, “the Father giving us His Son”. Now, that is very familiar to any Christian, but because my heart was heavy for my children:

it was good to be reminded that God knows what it’s like to be a parent “surrendering” His child. Tweet this.

In my heart, I released my worries – and my three adult children – to Him, and He lifted me up as only He can.

Above the Clouds

Above the clouds, my heart can soar
The pain has gone
It is no more.

The clenching fist that held it tight
Released its hold
It has no might.

For my kids I was weighed down
Hurt and worry
All around.

The sky has cleared and joy has come
They are His

It’s settled, done.

For I’ve released them to His care
Thus escaping
That great snare…
That held me down, that held be back
That left me open
To attack.

But God is on His throne above
The God of mercy
Peace and love.

This God I worship and adore
First place given

I love my kids so very much
I love their smiles
I love their touch.

But now they have their rightful place
God, they’re yours
O Lord of grace.

You shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3 NIV).


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Stephanie Nickel

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