Sunday Stillness – Is this your time to say “yes” to God?

Sunday Stillness – Is this your time to say “yes” to God?


I am continuing on with my study of Titus – one verse at a time. Today’s thoughts are based on Titus 1:3 using the SIMPLE method of study.

S – Say the passage aloud.

and at His appointed season He brought His word to light through the preaching entrusted to me from God our Saviour (Titus 1:3, NIV).

I – Identify the characters, the setting, and the circumstances surrounding this passage.

Paul is speaking. He remembered how God spoke to him and entrusted him to spread the Gospel. God does intervene.

M- Make a list of the thoughts, questions and ideas.

It’s great to know that God has planned all of this. I love, “His appointed season”. And that God entrusted Paul – He knew Paul would do a good job. He chooses those whom He trusts and then He helps them to do the job He has planned.

A few days ago I watched The Star of Bethlehem. An amazing account of the actual star, the actual date, and the actual event. God had prepared it all in “His appointed season”. You can watch the video on You Tube.

P – Pray again for God’s guidance.

L- Life – How can I apply what I have been studying to my life?

What did I learn from this passage? I learned that we need to say “yes” to God. Paul said, “yes” – and we see all that God accomplished. Why can we trust God?

  1. God works in His appointed season.
  2. God will entrust us with the knowledge and power to do what He wills.
  3. God will command it – it will be strong enough for us NOT to ignore it.

E – Exit the passage with a prayer for God to help you.

Thank you Lord from choosing us to be your ambassadors, whether through writing, singing, hospitality, caring, loving others, giving or through any other means to spread your Word and love to others. Being the Light of Christ is Your command. Help us to listen and obey. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

The radical message of Jesus Christ hanging on a tree is the wisdom and power of God. Only the cross can transform hardened Cretan and North American pirates into holistically healthy leaders. Only God’s Word can bring light into our pirate hearts. (Ed Hird, Restoring Health, page 31).

Are your hearing from God? Is there something He is calling you to do?

Personally I have said yes to being a part of a new Christian online radio.

Am I nervous? Yes.
Is this stepping into a new venture. Yes.

But I am excited.

And when that happens God is behind it. More information will be coming on this as I know more. So far I have purchase a microphone and downloaded Audacity. My FIRST STEP.

Tell me your thoughts, dreams and visions. What is God telling you?

Let’s pray together. If you have any personal prayer requests, please email me at Janis.


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    1. Thank you Laurie. I keep thinking I walking in the right direction. At least I believe that He will turn me away if I am not in His perfect will.


    1. That’s wonderful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I found it fascinating that we can now know for sure the exact star, date and all the other amazing celestial components that come from God.

    1. June,
      It was incredible to watch and listen to the fascinating information about the star – how it was in the right place at the right time.

    1. Mary,
      For sure I will keep everyone posted on updates about the radio station. I have a number of friends who will be speaking their thoughts as well. It is a very cool adventure for sure – with its scary parts. lol

  1. I love how you used the acronym “Simple” to outline how to study a passage of scripture. What a beautiful way to read God’s word and reflect on its meaning for you. Weekend blessings and thank you for the link up!

    1. Mary,
      My acronyms started right at the beginning of my studying His Word and continue on. SIMPLE helps me to remember what exactly I am looking for and how God can show me as I study His Word.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Cathy. I hope you try using SIMPLE when you study your next passage of Scripture. And yes God is blessing those open doors – something I had prayed for and came in a wonderful amazing way.

  2. I enjoy your insights into the Word so much. I’m excited to read about the doors that God is opening for you!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth,
      I am excited to find out what God shows me through His Word. And it sure gives me lots to think and write about.

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