Sunday Stillness – Let’s Just Pray

Sunday Stillness – Let’s Just Pray

This month of September on #UTCOP we will be offering prayer posts to our Lord. All our contributors will be posting their prayers.


We hope you will join us with your own prayers in the comments or by linking prayer posts.

Listen to this prayer of mine, God;
pay attention to what I’m asking.
Answer me—you’re famous for your answers ( Psalm 143:1, The Message)!

Let’s fill the web with the prayers of His Saints. Hear our prayers, Oh Lord. And in Your love, answer them.

The voice of the Spirit is … so gentle…unless you are living in perfect communication with God, you never hear it (Oswald Chambers, August 13).


Lord, we come to You, humbled by the knowledge that we humans can actually talk directly to our Creator God, Lord of the Universe. Guide us this month as we open our hearts to You; as we thank You; cry out to You; and yes even question You. Teach us as we pray to trust You; listen to You and follow You.

Teach us to be still so we can listen. Thank You, Jesus, who made the Way for this communication. In His precious Name, Amen.


As I Cry Out

I call on You, Lord
Change me as You desire
Open my ears to hear
Open my eyes to see
Open my heart to feel.

Help me to teach others to pray
Carve a spot in our lives
To have a God-conversation.

Then help to make
That conversation on-going
So Your Spirit is in us
At all times.


Join us for a month of prayers in September at #UTCOP. (tweet this)

Make a difference – pray. Join us at #UTCOP. (tweet this)

Carve a spot in our lives to have time for a God-conversation. (tweet this)

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