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The Kingdom of Thrim is here!

The Kingdom of Thrim is here!

This has been an exciting week. On Monday my proof arrived for The Kingdom of Thrim.

The Kingdom of ThrimIt was great so we went to print. Books should arrive soon.

 I am taking preorders and you receive special bonuses for ordering early.

I remember the birth of my first child – how excited we were, how unsuspecting of what we were getting into. Then the second child arrived – we were a little more prepared but still unsure of the next steps.

So it has been with becoming an author/illustrator. For my first book, in 2012, Tadeo Turtle, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I felt I was in way over my head. And I was. Even though The Kingdom of Thrim was written in early 2013, I didn’t proceed. I couldn’t. There was so much that I didn’t know about advertising, and marketing.

Here it is 2016, and I am not sure how much more I know about those subjects. I have taken courses, and gone to more conferences. I have met people and talked with them. I know more in my little head than before but now I have to act on it.

This time I had a launch team who are working at getting the word out for me. That is a good thing because honestly my mind is scattered. I am having trouble focusing on one task at a time. And I was getting better at doing that. It must be the excitement.

Here is my picture with the proof copy.

The Kingdom of Thrim

Here is the book trailer: Please share

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I am working on Yoj’s sock dolls to sell with my book at fairs. Here is one of the first ones.


The Kingdom of Thrim

Watchful Wednesdays – Special Guest Molly Noble Bull

Watchful Wednesdays – Special Guest Molly Noble Bull

AND a Christian Book Launch and Giveaway.

Read to the end of the post and you have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate from Amazon. Don’t miss it.

This is the third in my series of Christian writers and their book launch. If you missed the other two please click on their names below.

Cheryl Coldwell

Barbara Ann Derksen

Today we welcome Molly Noble Bull. She answers the question, “How do your faith and your writing come together?”


To God Give the Glory

by Molly Noble Bull

From early childhood on, I have wanted to please the Lord, and for me, my writing is a ministry. On the dedication page of all my published novels these words are written—To God Give the Glory.

I know I am saved and going to Heaven when I die because of what Jesus did for me on the cross, and what joy that brings to my life. Though I cannot be perfect while still in this earthly body, I try always to do God’s will, testing myself constantly and hoping I am where I should be in the Lord.

And I wonder.

Am I truly living the Christian life? Am I where God wants me to be?

To be honest, I am not where I would like to be. The Bible says, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”

One thing I’ve wondered about for a long time is fiction. Is fiction writing God’s will for my life? I remember asking the Lord in prayer if fiction writing was His will, and He never really answered. But one day a strong thought came to me that I think came from Him.

It was when I’d been praying about fiction writing. His answer was not what I expected. He seemed to say that prayer is a real thing.

But of course we knew that. For a while, I was confused by His answer. Then, a light turned on deep inside me.

I could be wrong. Perhaps I misunderstood. But here is what I believe He was telling me about fiction writing.

A lot of people write out actual prayers in their fiction as if the character was praying them either out loud or mentally, and that method of scene writing can certainly be very successful. I wrote scenes just like that in my earlier books.

But then another thought came to me in the form of a question.

It was like He asked, “How do you expect me to answer a prayer from a fictional character?”

The thought stunned me. I imagined prayers floating up to heaven, and some of them came from my characters. I had never thought of prayers written out in fiction in that way as being wrong, and it changed me.

Despite the show don’t tell rule, I tell about my character’s prayers now.

I don’t show what they actually said word-for-word. Example: Jane prayed about what Tom said in the name of Jesus.

That is the way I write prayers in my novels now, and I give God all the honor and glory.

Book Trailer for Gatehaven

What’s Gatehaven about?


Have you ever known a teenage girl so in love with love and a bad prince charming that she was unable to see her true prince? If so, you will connect with Shannon Aimee as she and Ian Colquhoun battle an evil Frenchman with dark secrets and evil desires. Set in Scotland and a scary mansion in the north of England and ending in the state of South Carolina in 1784, Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull is a Christian Gothic novel that will keep your reading until the very end of the book.

Gatehaven is available as an e-book for 99 cents from March 1 – March 17, 2014.
Visit Amazon.

The Rogue’s Daughter by Molly Noble Bull opens on graduation day at a teacher’s college in San Antonio, Texas—class of 1890. Rebecca Roberts is waiting to get her diploma, hoping for a teaching job, but she hasn’t found one yet. Her only offer came from Seth Mathews, a handsome rancher with three children—a cowboy who keeps showing a romantic interest in Rebecca.

Shameful. He has children. He must be married.
Or is he?

The Rogue’s Daughter was first published by Zondervan in 1986 as a Serenade/Saga Romance, but Molly has the rights to this western romance novel now, and soon, she will publish it as an e-book under a new cover.


Enter to #win $100 Amazon gift card, read about Molly Noble Bull and her new book, Gatehaven. (tweet this)

Am I truly living the Christian life? Am I where God wants me to be? (tweet this)

Molly Noble Bull

molly small

Molly  was born in Kingsville, Texas—home of the famous King Ranch, and her father and maternal grandfather were real Texas cowboys. So does she write westerns?


But she also writes long historical novels like Gatehaven, her long Christian gothic. Gatehaven won the 2013 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest while still a manuscript. But Molly’ first two published novels came out from Zondervan. Her Zondervan novels were later reprinted and published as Promise Romances from Guideposts. Molly also sold novels to Steeple Hill, and Tsaba House, and Westbow Press published The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities, a non-fiction book she wrote with four other Christian authors.

Molly owns the rights to her Zondervan romance novels now, and she will soon self publish The Rogue’s Daughter as a e-book. Rogue is a western set on a South Texas cattle ranch in 1890.


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Watchful Wednesdays – Special Guest Barbara Ann Derksen

Watchful Wednesdays – Special Guest Barbara Ann Derksen

AND a Christian Book Launch and Giveaway.

Read to the end of the post and you have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate from Amazon. Don’t miss it.


This is the second in a series of three posts from John 316 Authors who are on a Blog Hop Book Launch. On Monday we had the pleasure to highlight Cheryl Coldwell. If you missed it click on the link. Toady we welcome Barbara Ann Derksen.

I asked her to tell me how her writing and her faith work together.

The Woman Behind the Words

by Barbara Ann Derksen

The words flowed that night, when in 1993 I sat down at my husband’s TRS80, Radio Shack’s early version of a home computer. The story surprised me. It shouldn’t have but it did.

First of all, the fact that my once 13 words a minute speed on a keyboard (used to be called a typewriter when I was in the work force twenty years before) had increased to almost 15 words a minute, a speed that caused my two index fingers to simply fly over the keys. Secondly, the story was filled with Christian verbiage. I had simply intended to write a short little ditty that was pure fiction but something … or Someone … interjected some Christian truths that added depth to my piece.

I had become a Christian a little over twenty years before and, for me right from the beginning, being a Christian meant a 24/7 lifestyle. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when it flowed out of me in my prose, too. Over the years, writing quickly became a way to fulfill The Great Commission, something I believe we are all responsible for.

Crafting a believable story is not so hard if you are a people watcher, a reader, and you have been given the gift of creating characters who take you on a journey. I map their daily journey, as they trip over situations in their very plausible world yet do not adhere to the world’s view.  Abusive verbiage and in depth descriptives in tense scenes are, for the most part, left to the readers imagination.

I want my readers to be entertained and yet not feel as if they need to wash their minds with soap afterwards. I want them to picture people who love the Lord, living life that’s not always perfect, making mistakes, meeting bad people, getting into trouble, and yet knowing where they can find answers. I want my readers to say, “I can do that too.”

In Shadow Stalker, my male protagonist, Jeremy, is a believer who sets the example of how to live life amidst the turmoil surrounding him. He works hard to show Christine, my female protagonist and a non-believer that God is the person who has all the answers. Her independence keeps getting in the way, however.

Shadow Stalker, as with my last four mysteries, provides entertainment, although some may lose precious sleep trying to read what happens next. But they also inspire toward a closer walk with God, and show that it’s possible all the time and in all circumstances.

Writing is hard work and fun all rolled into one book. At the end of the day, however, the work could burn up in a house fire but if the person who read a book, begins to understand his need for a Saviour, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do.

There are many ways to communicate the Gospel to people all around the world. God has asked me to communicate this way and He supplies the story line. The rest is in His hands. All He asks is that I be obedient to His call on my life.

Shadow Stalker


Here is a little bit about the story:

An ominous shadow hangs over her, as Christine Finder,  alias Melissa Rompart, visits the brutal slaying of her parents most nights in a dream.  The threat of discovery propels her to search for the whereabouts of the killer to see the man brought to justice. In the meantime, the killer stalks her mind while she operates Finder’s Keepers, an agency that searches for the people her clients hire her to find. Nathan Brent is only four years old and missing. Will she find him in time or will the killer find her first?


New book by Barbara Ann Derksen. The Shadow Stalker. Suspense. Check it out. (Tweet this)

Barbara Ann Derksen


Born in Canada, Barbara lived in the US for 12 years. There her writing surfaced as she worked under contract as a journalist for six years with over 2500 articles published in newspapers and magazines during that time. Meeting and interviewing people, digging for the hidden gems in their lives, made those years informative as well as instructive. She began attending Colorado Christian Writer’s Conferences and each year, under the tutelage of great Christian writer’s like James Scott Bell, Angela Hunt, and others, she honed her skills.

Barbara’s devotionals are sought after each year when she publishes a new one that reflects what God has placed on her heart. From Straight Pipes, her first, to More Than Bells, Preparation for Prayer, the latest, Barbara’s devotions take people to the place where God can touch their heart and leave a lasting impression. When people stop by her table for the latest, they talk to her about using the devotions in their chapter meetings, or their personal devotions. Some men return at their pastor’s request because the books are used as launch pads for men’s bible study. Many copies have been passed on to new believers as discipling tools.


Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/10hvLa5
Amazon author page – http://amzn.to/KLEDab
Linkedin – http://linkd.in/KFuzlh
Goodreads – http://bit.ly/GJcTCd
Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/@prolificwriter1
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/barbara.a.derksen
Facebook fan page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/EaglesNest/205663322735
Google+ – http://bit.ly/QmW1Fa
website – http://www.barbaraannderksen.com/

Shadow Stalker page on website (read excerpt and order) – http://www.barbaraannderksen.com/bookstore/shadow-stalker-book-1-finders-keepers-series/

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Watchful Wednesdays – Who is Tadeo Turtle?

Watchful Wednesdays – A Review of Tadeo Turtle by Lorilyn Roberts

Tadeo Turtle - Written and Illustrated by Janis Cox

Tadeo Turtle – Written and Illustrated by Janis Cox

Lorilyn’s Review:

The endearing image of Tadeo and his problem will make this a favorite story for young and old alike—a story with which we can all identify.

Tadeo Turtle is a one-of-a-kind children’s book with a wonderful message—God has made you perfectly just the way you are. In addition to being entertaining and imparting a strong spiritual message, the illustrations will capture the heart and mind of a young child.

To read the whole interview please go to Tadeo Turtle by Lorilyn Roberts

To buy on Amazon.

To buy through Paypal  follow Paypal to either credit card or Paypal – signed author copy, free watercolour print card and free ebook.



Christian Authors Book Launch Tour Last Day

Christian Book Launch Tour – Last Day

Today I welcome Lisa Lickel on the Blog Tour by John 3:16 Authors. There is a link at the bottom of this post for a contest by the John 3:16 Network. This is the last day to enter. Drop over to John316 BookLaunch for other authors and books.

The link to the contest can be found at the bottom of this post as well.

To follow the entire Blog Book Launch for Lisa Lickel please click on the following links:

Kimberley Payne: 1

Kara Howell: 1

Kara Howell: 2

Lorilyn Roberts: 3

Emma Right: 4  

Carol A. Brown: 5


Lisa Lickel B webshot picture

Green Leaf, The Potawatomi Boy

by Lisa J Lickel, illustrated by Brenda Hendricks

Green Leaf, The Potawatomi Boy

Green Leaf’s cousins are all older than he and don’t like to play fair. He longs for a friend his own age he can play with, explore and fish with. When he meets a Luxembourger boy, Henri, Green Leaf is sure they could become friends, but Henri’s words are strange to Green Leaf. How can they play and explore together?

Green Leaf’s mother says, “Friends learn to speak one another’s words.” But will Green Leaf learn to say his friend’s words well enough to save Henri when he falls into danger?

Here is an excerpt from her book,:

Green Leaf didn’t understand many of Henri’s words, but he knew that Henri needed him.
Green Leaf ran to the side of the stream.
Henri hung onto a big root with both hands. Cold water rushed over him and tried to sweep him away.
Green Leaf wanted to help. He wanted to tell Henri that he would not let the water wash him away. One of Henri’s boots was on the ground.
Henri screamed again and shook his head. Green Leaf did not know the words to tell Henri to wait. He held up Henri’s boot and pointed to the path.


From December 1 through December 16, the John 3:16 Marketing Network is hosting a Christmas Book Launch and The Potawatomi Boy is a featured book. As part of the event, the Network is offering a $200 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky winner. For a chance to win, go to http://bit.ly/Christian_Books and enter the Rafflecopter toward the bottom of the page.

Kindle for Green Leaf, The Potawatomi Boy – on special sale during December 1- 16, $.99

Also available in print from online retailers or from your favourite bookseller. $5.95

Today is the last day for the contest. Put in your entry now.


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Watchful Wednesdays – Christian Authors Book Launch Tour

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Michelle D. Evans, another member of John 3:16 Network. We get to know a little about her and find out about her book, Spiralling Out of Control. To find out more about the John 3:16 Book Launch Contest see the end of this post. 

You can enter the contest right here on this page.

Watchful Wednesdays – Christian Authors Book Launch Tour

by Michelle D. Evans

It is such an honour and privilege to be here on Janis’s blog today. Thank you so much for hosting me.Spiralling Out of Control PREVIEW-1

When Janis asked me to write about faith I jumped at the chance. I love talking about faith. Everyone has faith in something. Even atheists have faith in their belief that no higher power exists. Faith is something we hold onto, it gets us through the hard times and it lets us soar in the exciting times.

In my novel Spiralling Out of Control, Stephanie’s family turn up to a traditional church, but where their faith actually is could be questioned.

Do her parents have faith in the church, in the people that go, in the priest or in themselves?

Stephanie doesn’t know herself where her parents’ faith lie and she herself is lost in what she actually believes. Because she is so lost, she jumps at the chance to date a high school senior and puts her faith in him.

I have seen over and over when people put their faith and trust in another person, they are nearly always let down.

Our faith needs to lie in a greater force, a higher power,
greater than any imperfect human being. 

Many people search for years without finding a one true God and unfortunately, by the end of Spiralling Out of Control, Stephanie is still searching but she begins to think her best friend’s faith in God might have some substance.


 Spiralling Out of Control

Temptation, depression, seduction, betrayal … Not what Stephanie was expecting at fifteen years of age. Uprooted from her happy, all-girl high school life with a dream filled future and thrown into an unfriendly co-ed school, Stephanie spirals into depression.

When charismatic high school senior, Jason notices her, Stephanie jumps in feet first and willingly puts all her faith and trust in him, a boy she barely knows.

Every choice she makes and turn she takes leads her towards a dangerous path.

Her best friend is never far away and ready to catch her … but will she push Tabbie too far away when she needs her most?

This novel contains adult themes. Recommended reading audiences 17+



Michelle Dennis Evans writes picture books, chapter books, young adult contemporary novels and free verse poetry. Her debut novel Spiralling Out of Control and poetry collection Life Inspired both reached #1 in subcategories on Amazon in their first week of release.

Michelle is married to an awesome man. She spends most of her days educating, socialising and sporting their four children and her nights writing.

She lives on the Gold Coast of Australia and believes you can find healing and hope when you read someone else’s story, fiction or truth. Her life is full and at times overflowing but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

From December 1 through December 16, the John 3:16 Marketing Network is hosting a Christmas Book Launch. Spiralling Out of Control is a featured book. As part of the event, the Network is offering a $200 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky winner. For a chance to win, go to http://bit.ly/Christian_Books and enter the Rafflecopter toward the bottom of the page.


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Watchful Wednesdays – Book Launch Tour – Lorilyn Roberts

Today we welcome Lorilyn Roberts, founder of the John 3:16 Network of Christian Authors. Please click on the link to go back to the first excerpt and then follow the links to the other blogs.

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To start at the beginning of the tour please visit Carole Brown.

Watchful Wednesdays – Book Launch Tour – Lorilyn Roberts

by Lorilyn Roberts author of The Donkey and the King.


A donkey longs for an easier life with no heavy burdens and no one to tell him what to do. He runs away and becomes lost, but “good” finds him in the most unlikely of places.

Travel to the Bible lands and meet Baruch, a stubborn donkey, and other lovable animals:  Lowly, the pig; Much-Afraid, a small, lame dog; Worldly Crow, who isn’t as bright as he thinks he is; and a sheep, Little, sent on a special mission by the King. The ending of the story will delight young readers as they discover “good” exists in the world if they look and listen for it.

When I was young, I hated doing chores. I suppose I was this donkey, rebellious and self-determined, but desperate for a friend—the one friend who would never leave me (or you).


Here is a short excerpt from The Donkey and the King. This is the second stop on the tour. I hope you will visit all the blogs and participate in the John 3:16 Marketing Network Book Launch and win the grand prize. See details below.


Worldly Crow squawked, “You’re making a big mistake. I know because I’ve been around. You’re headed for trouble.”


Much Afraid, a brown and white crippled dog, followed close behind.
“Please don’t go,” she cried.


On every page is the hidden word “good.” Can you find it in the drawings above? If not, you can look below and see where the word is hidden.

The unique quality about Kindle-enhanced books is that the drawings and font size can be enlarged for young readers. And for parents who can’t find the word, a QR code (a free AP is available for smart phones) and link is provided to facilitate the search. Some pages are more challenging than others (for older readers).

If you enjoyed looking for the mouse in “Goodnight Moon” when you were young, your child will delight in looking for “good” in “The Donkey and the King.” The moral:  There is good in the world if you look and listen for the King’s voice.



The Donkey and the King (A Story of Redemption)
99 cents December 1 through December 16
24 reviews, 4.8 stars
Ages 2-6

Book Trailer:  http://bit.ly/Donkey_Video

From December 1 through December 16, the John 3:16 Marketing Network is hosting a Christmas Book Launch and The Donkey and the King is a featured book.

As part of the event, the Network is offering a $200 Amazon gift e-card to one lucky winner. For a chance to win, go to http://bit.ly/Christian_Books  and enter the Rafflecopter (toward the bottom of the page). Or scroll to the bottom of this post and enter here.

And be sure and pick up your Kindle version of The Donkey and the King for 99 cents at http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/168d6711/

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Next stop on Lorilyn Roberts’ Excerpt Tour:  Visit Carol A. Brown’s blog on December 5 at:  http://connectwithcarolbrown.blogspot.com




Lorilyn Roberts is an award-winning author who writes family-friendly books for the young, the young at heart, and all those in between. Visit http://LorilynRoberts.com to learn more.


A chance to win $200 Amazon card and read excellent #Christian books. Visit http://bit.ly/1bh5OHg and get great #deals.

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