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Wednesday’s Word – Grace

Word - Grace

Great sermon on Sunday. Here is my take-away:

Jesus was and is GRACE. Jesus was and is TRUTH.

Can we even come close? I fall far short of both.

But the biggest take-away from Sunday is this:

Truth cannot be seen until grace is shown. Tweet this.

How many times do we speak and hear God’s truth NOT given in grace? All truth cannot be stated outright to everyone at one sitting. It is too much to take in.

Our pastor gave the analogy of salt (actually he likes pepper) . If we put too much on we will spoil the dinner. Don’t overdo or plunge into the TRUTH until you have shown the GRACE of Christ.

Nothing can be added or taken away from Jesus.
He does hold everything together. (Colossians 1:17) Tweet this.

Can we approach everyone with a “grace-filled” attitude? Everyone? Even the ones we disagree with? The ones we know have strayed from the truth? Or do we push them further away from God by our un-graceful attitude or judgment?

Sober words. I had to think. Am I always “grace-filled”? No

Am I more aware of trying to be “grace-filled”? Yes

How grace-filled are you? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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