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Sunday Stillness- Psalm 36:9

Sunday Stillness- Psalm 36:9


As we get nearer to Christmas I am getting excited. Excited to see my family. We have been wintering here in Arizona since October and I need those hugs from my children and grandchildren. That has what has been on my mind for the past week. The urge is strong. I can’t seem to stop it.

I believe that is what God feels like for His children. That urge is very strong. Our Creator is compelled to reach us. So compelled that He sent His Only Son to come to earth, to reveal Himself in the flesh for us. The Incarnation. Wow. I know somewhat of how He feels.

Revealing Himself took effort, planning and pain. But His love is that much. He cares for us that much.

God knew the result of His efforts. He knew what pain would be endured but He did it anyway. God loves us that much.

We only know something of this love. Our love for our family and friends, our human love, is only that – human love. God’s love is divine. Divine Love – is all encompassing. God goes to battle over us. God wants us.

Do you see that? Do you see how much God loves you?


God’s love is so strong, He was compelled to come to earth to show Himself to us.

God’s love is so strong, He sent Jesus as a Babe to live among us; to die for us; to bring us home.

Today is Sunday Stillness.

Today you can reach for the “Fountain of life” that has been given to us through Jesus. Will you reach out today? Will you question Jesus? Will you ask Him to show Himself to you? That’s all it takes.

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What is the Greatest Love?

by Mary Haskett

God Loves Us - We can pray for others.

God Loves Us – We can pray for others.

The train rattled on past snow covered terrain from London, Ontario to Ottawa. I noted how the snow became more evident as we got closer to our destination. We arrived. My son-in-law and two little grandsons met me at the station. All smiles and chit-chat, we drove to their home. The snow pristine, with not a foot print in sight was piled high in their back yard.

The next day my daughter dressed the boys in suitable attire while my son-in-law prepared a snow slide from the deck to the bottom of the yard. Grandma—that’s me–watched as they, oblivious to the cold, squealed with delight as they rode the track on their toboggan and I filmed the action through the window!

I thought how secure and happy those little boys were, and I thanked God for their loving parents; although their love and attentiveness to their children is nothing compared to the love God has for us.

We are assured over and over again of God’s love for us in the Holy Scriptures. A scripture that is a favourite one for me is:

“The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee” (Jeremiah 31:3,  KJV).

I can testify of that everlasting love.  God loves even those who don’t serve Him.

Let’s pray that they too will experience and know His everlasting love.


Dear Lord, thank you for the love you have for me. Thank you for drawing me with your loving kindness. And because your love is so great for all mankind I trust my loved ones to be drawn in too. Amen.

Mary Haskett

Mary is a writer and speaker. Since becoming a Christian she has served in many capacities. On a monthly basis in her home, she hosts a women’s prayer group, a women’s fellowship group, and Ready Writers, London of which she is the founder.
She serves in several ministries in her church.

She is a member of The The Word Guild. and Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.
Her book Reverend Mother’s Daughter was a finalist in the 2008 Word Guild of Canada Awards and won an IPPY award in the states. Her second book Because We Prayed was released two years ago.  India My Calling is her latest release, and relates the compelling story of  Jean Darling who served for 40 years on the mission field. Mary has had many articles published and  has been a regular contributor to the community publication Christian Life in London. You can visit her at http://www.maryhaskett.com